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Are xQc and Adept back together after a public breakup?

By Olivia Richman


Dec 7, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Felix “xQc” Lengyel had a tough 2021. It was a year full of armed break-ins, moving from one location to another, internet outages, and a breakup with his long-time girlfriend Sam “Adeptthebest.” But now it seems that xQc and Adept are dating once again.

In August 2021, xQc confirmed that he was no longer with Adept. He told fans that the breakup had occurred after a fight, although he didn’t specify what the fight was about. On Twitter, xQc said that he had to get the breakup off his chest so he could focus.

“Me and Sammy are apart. Please make an effort not to speculate and prod for answers. Most importantly, do not harass Adept. She will always have my respect,” xQc said to fans.

Why did xQc and Adept break up?

Given xQc and Adept’s silence on the subject, fans couldn’t help but make speculations. Some even accused xQc of abusing Adept, leading Adept to make comments on the situation on Twitter.

“I spoke to xQc about this tweet and apparently people are trying to use this tweet as an implication that Felix physically abused me in some way. That’s not okay. I will make it clear that didn’t happen and anyone accusing him of that will be blocked/reported. Be respectful,” Adept said.

Others wondered if the breakup was due to a serious argument the two had while streaming. Adept had accused xQc of behaving like his toxic GTA RP character even while off-camera. But the couple never confirmed if this was a contributing factor in their breakup.

Another possibility was that there was just too much stress ripping the couple apart. xQc had been dealing with home break-ins, leading to him and Adept moving into a streamer house. xQc then moved to Los Angeles but voiced frustration with the new environment almost immediately. All of the moving and stress could have left the couple feeling strained, but this was also never discussed publicly.

Are xQc and Adept back together?

No matter what led to the breakup, it seems that xQc and Adept have made up and are moving past their issues. xQc and Adept have been openly flirting on social media.

In response to xQc’s post about the early days of his career in the Overwatch League, Adept jokingly responded: “Dayum, whose boyfriend is this? Sheesh!”

Adept also recently shared a memory of the day she first met xQc in person. The two met for the first time on December 6, 2017, which is now a little over four years ago. Adept said in the tweet that the couple went back to that exact spot on December 6, 2021 “by complete chance.”

The ongoing joke in xQc’s fanbase has become pretending to be jealous of the now-happy couple. In response to Adept’s tweets, the community has been responding with how lonely they all are.

With nobody questioning xQc and Adept’s relationship, it’s clear that the two have been back together for a while. While xQc first announced their long-term relationship by accident years ago, the two are now very public about their love and have been open about their return to romance.

In late August, fans saw Adept on xQc’s stream. As fans asked about it, xQc said “Sammy is real.” The couple didn’t confirm or deny that they were back together, but it became pretty obvious soon after. Since then, the couple has been vocal about their love both on Twitter and on stream.