Apex Legends Season 3 battle pass leaks with exclusive skins

By Olivia Richman


Sep 12, 2019

Reading time: 4 min

Although fans didn’t expect any official Apex Legends updates until late September, data miners have already found leaked information about Season 3. 

After revealing multiple legends and their potential abilities, That1MiningGuy is back. This time the data miner has information on the Season 3 battle pass. Called Fire and Ice, fans should expect the battle pass to arrive in October. That1MiningGuy has uncovered the exclusive content that it comes with. 

Season 3 battle pass leaked files


The game files that were uncovered were in Spanish, but were quickly translated to English. The battle pass will include the following items, according to That1MiningGuy:

  • Character skins for Octane and Caustic
  • Weapon skins for R301 (Legendary, reactive)
  • Weapon skins for Spitfire (Legendary, reactive)
  • Weapon skins for Alternator (Legendary, reactive)
  • Legendary Apex Pack
  • Epic Apex Pack
  • 2550 Crafting Metals

Along with these exclusive character and weapon skins, the battle pass will also have a bundle. This has 25 battle pass levels, an exclusive Legendary Spitfire skin, and an exclusive character skin. The legend was not specified. 

Apex Legends Season 3 release date


While players know that Season 3 is coming in October, no specific release date was revealed within the files. Still, the leaked files offer many possible hints at what’s to come. 

The Fire and Ice theme raises many questions. Season 2 brought about some major map changes, with a few landscape redesigns thanks to the Leviathans rampaging around the island. Fire and Ice could potentially bring more map location changes, including more destruction. 

Unlike Fortnite, Apex Legend’s map changes haven’t led to new gameplay styles or mechanics. While some parts of the map look different, there’s nothing in those spots that changes the game itself. Fire and Ice could be a gameplay update, where players are affected by the elements depending on where they are located on the map. 

The title could also be a hint at the new legend who might be available come Season 3. Each season thus far has come with a new legend, but fans still aren’t sure which of the leaked characters will be the first to appear. Many believe it to be Crypto. 

Who is Crypto in Apex Legends? 

A recent in-game teaser has led even more fans to believing that Crypto is going to be the 11th legend to drop into Kings Canyon. 

With Season 3 only a month away, Respawn Entertainment is finally giving some official hints that lean towards Crypto’s appearance. Players have began to witness loading bars in various screens throughout the game that read: BNR-OS KEY DECRYPT. 

The loading bar is at about 30% as of September 11, and many fans believe that it will reach 100% at the time of Season 3’s arrival. The hack immediately hinted at Crypto, who has been popping up in the game throughout the summer months. 

In July, a laptop appeared in the back that had a Mendoko logo on it. The main screen read: 

*Enact Countermeasure Obfuscation* *PING RETURNED: (S/IN: A34X_N25)* *BRACH.INI OPERATIONAL: EXFIL IMMINENT*

Data miner FrozenFroh revealed that the laptop was called crypto_laptop_tease in the game files. He also noted that Crypto appears to have a lot of power over the game’s natural elements. Not only does this explain the infiltration of the Leviathans, but it could create other natural disasters. This would correlate perfectly with the Fire and Ice theme of the Season 3 battle pass. 

Apex Legends leaked characters before Season 3


Of course, Crypto isn’t the only possibility for an incoming legend. Over the past few months, dataminers have been hard at work searching game files for other upcoming legends and their abilities. 

That1MiningGuy released some YouTube videos on possible new legends this month. One is Skunner, a large character who creates barriers that slow enemies down. Then there’s Nomad, who appears to revolve around loot. He not only has abilities that help him find loot, but might be able to create his own new weapons out of scrap. 

Fans are also buzzing about Revenant, a robot inspired by the simulacrums in Titanfall 2. A robot that contains a human’s consciousness, Revenant would have two stances. His shadow stance would be stealth-related, while his regular stance appears more aggressive and focused on poisoning enemies. 

Having a second robot in the game might create some interesting interactions between Pathfinder and this newcomer.  

Immortal could be an upcoming support-related legend, like Lifeline. While all of the leaked legends could have their abilities changed before release, for the moment Immortal’s passive is called “Hard to Kill.” This allows players to revive themselves when they’ve been downed by an enemy. “Rise of the Phoenix” gives Immortal a full heal and shield repair, and allows teammates to revive themselves for 30 seconds after the ability is activated. 

One of the most recent leaks is Jericho, a frontline legend that seems to be all about shields. His Ballistic Shield is a full-body barrier that protects Jericho from incoming fire. His ultimate ability has Jericho throwing electrically charged javelins that burn through other players’ body shields. 

While Crypto has had the most in-game hints from Respawn Entertainment, it’s still not completely clear which legend will end up in the game next. Only time will tell, and that time is about a month away.