Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate requested a PlayStation in jail

By Olivia Richman


Feb 28, 2023

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Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan recently had their time in prison extended as the investigation into their involvement with a human trafficking ring in Romania continues. Tweeting has apparently not been enough to keep Tate entertained, and Andrew Tate has allegedly asked for a PlayStation to help pass the time.

Tate was arrested late last year on suspicion of human trafficking, exploiting women, abuse, and rape. Since then, women have come forward to tell their stories about Tate as the investigation keeps going. The brothers both lost their latest bid to be released and will now remain in jail until March 29.

While sitting in jail, Tate has continued to tweet cryptic messages to inspire his young followers. Most recently, he even told them they could possibly fly if they truly tried and said that lying will make God your enemy. Tate has also kept tweeting about his innocence, claiming that the women speaking up against him are actors. But having access to Twitter isn’t enough for Tate, and he has since asked for a barber and PlayStation in his cell.

Andrew Tate requests barber for balding head

While bored in prison, Andrew Tate has apparently become fixated on his appearance, according to Romanian news source Gandul. His hair has grown out enough that it has started to reveal a bald spot on the top, causing Tate to demand a hairstylist be brought into jail, but officials rejected his request.

The Tate brothers also allegedly asked prison officials to bring them a PlayStation so they could play together in their cell. This was also turned down by officials.

“Prisoners don’t play, they pray,” officials allegedly told Andrew Tate when he asked for the PlayStation.

How long is Andrew Tate in jail for?

For now, the Tate brothers will remain in jail until at least March 29. This is the new release date after Tate and his brother lost their third appeal against extended detention as investigations continue.

A court document explained that the Tate brothers are particularly “dangerous” since they identify victims with “increased vulnerability” to take advantage of. This has made Tate unfit to be released to the public at this time. Tate was described as someone who would lure victims in with claims of love just to intimidate and control women that he’d then coerce into pornographic acts for his own financial gain.

Despite having admitted to this scheme himself in past interviews, Tate has continued to tweet about his innocence, claiming that they are “weaponizing lies.” It’s still unclear who “they” are.


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