Amouranth speaks on receiving a new three-day ban from Twitch

Olivia Richman • March 13, 2020 12:10 am

Controversial and popular IRL streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has been banned from Twitch once again. 

So far, Amouranth’s followers are not exactly sure why she’s been suspended from the streaming platform. That’s because the streamer herself is not quite sure. 

“Hi everyone, I have been told that I’m being suspended for something that happened during a gym stream last week. I haven’t seen the vod yet… Waiting for them to show me so I can appeal. I don’t have much more information than that. The longest it can be is three days,” Amouranth said. 

It could be similar to the PayMoneyWubby incident, where the streamer was suspended for hosting a live broadcast in a restaurant, even though the establishment had already approved the action. Or it could be like when another IRL streamer, Fareeha, got a warning for wearing gym clothes

What was Amouranth banned on Twitch?

The likely explanation is leaning towards the latter, since Amouranth’s last ban was for accidental nudity. The streamer had violated Twitch’s nudity rules when her genitals were exposed during a live stream after her skirt had shifted the wrong way.

After flashing her followers, Amouranth received a 12-hour ban. This caused a lot of uproar in the Twitch community, with many people saying it wasn’t a harsh enough punishment for what many felt had been a purposeful flashing to gain attention. Twitch users felt that the streaming platform was favoring Amouranth because of her lewd content and suggestive outfits, demanding a longer ban. 

Interestingly enough, some fans have a change of heart this time around. Many felt that Twitch was wrong for not telling Amouranth why she was banned immediately. Some even called the streaming platform incompentant, which is not a new criticism. The streaming community has consistently pointed out Twitch’s inconsistent banning for well over a year now. 

Still, others marveled at Amouranth’s apparent knowledge that her ban will only be three days at the most. One Reddit user called it the “Amouranth special,” since bans seem to be allowed to be as long as Twitch wants them to be. Another said that Amouranth was on her “eighth” three-day ban, meaning she should have her account permanently suspended by now since Twitch regulations state that accounts are to be permabanned after two three-day bans. 

Amouranth herself has made no further comment on the ban and has instead continued to post links to her Patreon on Twitter. 


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