Twitch streamer Fareeha gets warning for inappropriate attire

By Olivia Richman


Sep 16, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Overwatch streamer and Twitch partner Fareeha Andersen made it clear that she felt a warning she received from the streaming platform was unjust. 

The Gen.G streamer was given a warning over the weekend for violating the Community Guidelines’ rules regarding wardrobe. An email Fareeha received stated that she was wearing “underwear or lingerie” in a VOD on her channel, which Twitch’s Partner Conduct team deleted. 

“Treat this email as a warning,” it read, explaining that she was on 90 days’ probation. During that time, Fareeha won’t be allowed to take part in promotional opportunities. She took a screenshot of the email and posted it on Twitter

Along with the email, Fareeha included a photo of the outfit in question. 

“Because workout clothes and showing midriff equals lingerie,” she said sarcastically. “I don’t even own lingerie. All I have are giant ass sports bras that I wear as shirts. They don’t even show an ounce of cleavage.” 

Fareeha added that her stream is always shoulders up, and her viewers could “see more tits” just by walking down the street than watching her play video games. 

Twitch ban and suspension rules generate confusion


Fellow Twitch streamer Anne Munition pointed out what she felt was inconsistency from Twitch, tagging the platform’s official Twitter. The portion of the guidelines she tweeted stated: “Streaming is a public activity. Therefore we recommend creators wear attire that is appropriate public attire for a given activity. […] For example, for a fitness stream, attire appropriate to those public contexts is recommended, such as workout clothes.” 

It’s unclear who reported her to Twitch, or why Twitch felt this wasn’t appropriate attire. 

A bit after she tweeted about the report, Fareeha went on stream completely covered up for her 70,000 followers. It was another jab at Twitch and their seemingly unfair judgement. 

It’s interesting to note that Fareeha received a warning almost immediately for wearing gym attire in her video, while fellow streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa wasn’t banned for her accidental exposure for 24 hours. Amouranth is an IRL streamer with over 1.2 milion followers on Twitch, known for her sexy cosplays. 


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