PayMoneyWubby is unbanned, immediately rips into Twitch on stream

By Olivia Richman


Nov 24, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

IRL streamer PayMoneyWubby was beyond shocked when his Twitch account was banned. 

The livestreaming platform shut him down while he was live on air on November 15. Though the reason was originally a mystery, Twitch eventually sent PayMoneyWubby an email that informed him he would be receiving a two-week ban for “invading the privacy of others.” 

“Fourteen-day ban for streaming in a restaurant that we had full manager permission to do so in. Holy shit Twitch support, please fact check before pulling the trigger,” he tweeted, sharing a screenshot of the email in full. 

Naturally, PayMoneyWubby fans were quick to support him, calling for him to switch to rival streaming platform Mixer. “I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t watch a man livestream himself eating chicken tendies dipped in milk. Shame on Twitch,” one follower tweeted. 

The potentially bogus ban once again sparked discussion on Twitch’s woefully inconsistent punishments for streamers. Fans were quick to point out Amouranth’s flimsy three-day suspension for accidentally exposing herself to viewers, a moment that has often been used to showcase Twitch’s seemingly unfair policies and possible favoritism. 

PayMoneyWubby’s ban was recently lifted and when he came back, he pulled no punches on the matter.

PayMoneyWubby fires back at Twitch upon his return

When the IRL streamer was finally allowed back on Twitch on November 22, he decided to touch upon Twitch’s inconsistent rulings and policies. 

Wearing a clown costume and holding a plush tiger, Wubby decided to mock the streaming platform for never having punished fellow streamer Alinity for alleged animal abuse. Referencing the time she spit alcohol into her cat’s mouth on stream, Wubby took out a bottle of vodka and poured it onto the tiger. 

“You’re a thirsty little guy. I know just the trick for you, big cat. Don’t you fucking worry,” he said in a high pitch voice. 

Many on Reddit noticed that a lot of Twitch staff were in the chat while PayMoneyWubby was going on his tirade. Most fans loved the skit, but many continued calling for him to move to Mixer. 

With more and more streamers leaving Twitch for other streaming platforms, Twitch would be well-served by improving its relationships with streamers and creating a more transparent discipline system.


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