All the hidden Gnome locations in Fortnite OG

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 6, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Fortnite OG is shorter than other seasons. With only 30 days on the calendar, not everyone will be able to complete the short-lived battle pass but there’s another way to stack up XP: Hidden Gnomes.

Classic features, rewards, and locations have returned with Fortnite OG. This also means the return of Gnomes, the popular cash cows for players looking to bag some extra XP while running away from their enemies. While you don’t necessarily need to do any quest to grab a Gnome, they are very easy to miss. 

Gnomes are scattered across the map, and only those who are intentionally looking for an extra 20,000 XP can spot them in the wild. Each Gnome rewards 20,000 XP, and with 10 of them stashed on the map, players can get up to 200,000 XP and complete 2.5 levels on their battle pass. 

But, how do you find Gnomes in Fortnite?

Gnome locations in Fortnite

Currently, there are only 10 Gnomes in Fortnite, which means you need to get to 10 locations to get your free XP. Here are the known spots:

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  • llama statue in the northwest of Junk Junction
  • Pleasant Park
  • Between Tilted Towers and Greasy Groove
  • Inside a mine in central Shifty Shafts
  • Near a bus north east of Shift Shafts and west of Salty Springs
  • In a pond in Dusty Divot
  • In the northern side of Risky Reels
  • Maze in Wailing Woods
  • In the north east part of Lonely Lodge
  • To the East of Paradise Palms

Once you get near these spots, a white marker should appear on your screen, alerting you about the Gnome. Follow the mark to interact with the Gnome and get your XP. These Gnomes appear only once, meaning if you have already interacted with them, they will disappear. 

More Gnomes may appear every Thursday so make sure you get the existing ones.