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All the biggest Midseason patch changes to items

By Nicholas James


May 21, 2023

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The Midseason patch changes have been out for a few days and League of Legends players are saying these are the biggest changes to hit Summoner’s Rift.

Riot Games likes to shake up League of Legends halfway through each season, and that time has come for Season 13. This year, Riot Games is taking a close look at the items system and trying to reinvent several items while also modifying the Mythic item system and adding some completely new items.

From the new Echoes of Helia item to brand new Mythics, these are the biggest changes made to the game with the Midseason patch.

Midseason patch changes in 13.10

The biggest changes going into Season 13 are huge changes to the item system. Mythic items have been moved around, new items have been added, and the bottom lane especially won’t be the same afterwards. Here is our summary of all of the biggest changes you need to be aware of when playing League of Legends after the Midseason patch changes.

New Mythic items

Several items that were Mythic items have been demoted to Legendary status, and several items have been promoted up to Mythic. There are four items that have become Mythic items that were previously Legendary, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Youmuu’s Ghost Blade, Navori Quickblades, and Infinity Edge.

Guinsoo’s Rageblade

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Guinsoo’s Rageblade has long been a build-defining item. Doubling down on on-hit damage and often being toted by tank-shredding Marksman characters. The Midseason patch is seeing it moved up to Mythic status. It now costs significantly more at 3200 gold, but offers high magic damage scaling off of Critical Strike Chance, and gives other items Magic and Armor Penetration.

Don’t worry though — it still includes its fan-favorite feature of stacking attack speed on-hit and doubling up every third attack’s on-hit damage when at maximum attack speed. This item is one of the most powerful additions to the item roster in Patch 13.10. AD carries like Kalista, and Kog’Maw are top-tier users of this item.

Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge has always been a core part of any AD carry’s build who just wants to stack pure Attack Damage. However, its niche as a multiplier for Critical Strike is becoming a choice rather than a near-necessity for crit-focused bot laners.

Riot says that Infinity Edge has long functioned as a Mythic item in many ways, and this is just an official recognition of its place in the game. The new Infinity Edge grants the same stats as before, it’s just there to define your build. Its Mythic Passive grants Attack Damage for each Legendary Item, further amplifying its high-AD play fantasy.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

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Youmuu’s Ghostblade is the third item moved up to Mythic status. It’s slightly more expensive, but it grants more AD, Ability Haste, active moment speec, and has a changed passive.

Now, moving will generate stacks of Haunt, each granting 0.4 Movement Speed, up to 100. At 100 stacks, the user will gain bonus lethality that lasts until shortly after you have damaged a champion. Youmuu’s is now the perfect tool for fast champions who want to frontload damage. It grants each Legendary Item Attack Damage, just like Infinity Edge.

Navori Quickblades

Navori Quickblades is the final new Mythic item being added to League of Legends. It’s still very similar to before, amplifying damage to abilities from cast-focused marksman. Navori Quickblades now have very similar stats, reducing the cooldown of Non-Ultimate abilities with each auto-attack, and up to 20% increased ability damage based on Critical Strike chance.

Upon release, Navori Quickblades have had trouble finding their niche, being overshadowed by the raw power of Guinsoo’s Rageblade. Once things settle, Navori Quickblades could end up being a powerful tool for ADCs like Ezreal.

New Legendary items

Kraken Slayer

No longer a Legendary choice, Kraken Slayer will be a much more ubiquitous presence in games. It’s been toned down to match Legendary status. This will likely become a tank-shredding pick like Blade of the Ruined King meant to help high attack-speed carries flesh out their build against tankier teams.

Statikk Shiv

Statikk Shiv isn’t entirely new to League of Legends, but it’s been gone for quite a long time. It is an Energize item, building up charges with movement and auto-attacks. At full stacks, it deals a burst of magic damage to 6-12 enemies around the main target, including them. Perhaps the most interesting part of the new Statikk Shiv is its AP scaling, making it appealing to many mages.

Rapid Firecannon

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Rapid Firecannon is another one of the Energized items. It adds more attack range, magic damage on-hit, and stacks with other Energized effects. It’s turning into a core part of Energize-focused builds. Just as before, it’s meant to give front-loaded carries the ability to unload damage from long range without having to commit to a fight.

Prowler’s Claw

Prowler’s Claw used to be an assassin item meant to close the gap that ended up appearing in the hands of champions with little to no mobility instead. It’s been demoted to Legendary status, and now will be very much restricted to wielders with ways to evade enemies.

Its stats have been slightly reduced but it still packs a punch. Now, Prowler’s Claw wielders will deal bonus damage every 10 seconds after they dash, blink, or exit stealth.

Echoes of Helia

Echoes of Helia is a new support item meant to help Enchanters and other support champions. It’s a very simple item that rewards the poke-and-heal pattern that many Enchanters fall into. Damaging an enemy grants a stack up to a maximum of two.

Healing or shielding an ally consumes a charge of Echoes of Helia and heals the ally more while also damaging nearby enemies. This will be a mainstay of enchanter supports like Nami and Karma, who enjoy dealing damage and helping allies in equal measure.

These are the biggest Midseason patch changes, the item system has been overhauled in a way that will likely change the game for the rest of the year. Tons of other items have been tweaked, so it’s worth checking the complete patch notes to make sure none of your favorite champion’s builds get changed without you noticing.


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