All of the Soul Fighter TFT Quests and how to beat them

By Nicholas James


Jul 19, 2023

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The new Soul Fighter event is hitting League of Legends’ live servers, so here are all of the Soul Fighter TFT Quests and how to complete them.

There are four legends, each of which has four different tasks that they need you to complete. These tend to be absolute hits with the TF T community, granting free rewards to TFT players all over. The event is centered around the new Soul Brawl game mode, happening in the Choncc Dome. If you want all of the details on the Soul Brawl game mode, you can check out our complete guide here. It’s basically an esports league season and playoffs condensed into one TFT game!

Now let’s get you up to speed with the Choncc Dome and its quests.

Where do you find the Soul Fighter TFT quests?

When you open your League of Legends Client, the TFT tab will have a Soul Fighter subtab. Click the Soul Fighter subtab and then click Enter on the Choncc Dome banner. This will take you into the Choncc Dome, the locale for the Soul Brawler game mode. Choncc himself will be serenely floating in a training room, and there will be four champions on the bottom of the screen. Each of these is a Soul Fighter skin recipient, Gwen, Lux, Samira, and Sett.

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Clicking on any one of these champions will open up their Soul Fighter quests page. The first time you click each of these, and every time you complete and quest and return to the Choncc Dome and click them again, you’ll get a motion comic cinematic. These will tell the alternate universe stories of the Soul Brawl competitors.

Riot Games is intentionally leaning into the anime tournament arc trope with both the skin and the event. Each champion has four different quests that they want you to complete. Each champion’s next quest can only be unlocked by completing the previous quest, and after four quests each one will grant you a reward.

The only thing to note is that a few quest have multiple ways to complete them, and the ones that involve playing Soul Brawl are much easier.


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Gwen is fighting for her best friend and a chance to fix her past mistakes, her Little Legend companion Pengu is there to remind her why she entered the Soul Brawl in the first place. Fans have been quite excited by this universe’s version of Gwen and Pyke being in a relationship, something that will likely unfold in her motion comic.

  • Stage 1: As Many Needles As It Takes: Play a game of Teamfight Tactics: Runeterra Reforged
  • Stage 2: Scissors & Swords: Deal 100000 magic damage.
  • Stage 3: This Time, Gwen Won’t Fail: After being on a 4+ round lose streak, win a round OR Win 15 Training Stage rounds in Soul Brawl.
  • Stage 4: Just The Trick: Win 2 Combats with a Deathblade, Bloodthirster, or Infinity Edge equipped.
  • Stage 5: We Studied The Blade: Gain a free Pengu and Gwen emote.


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Lux is the plucky upstart of Soul Fighter, she ran away from home to master the powers given to her by her Soul. Nimblefoot, her Little Legends, seems to be a kind guide and coach for the wayward lightbringer.

  • Stage 1: By The Light!: Play a game using a Region portal you voted for once.
  • Stage 2: Pickpocket Pondering: Collect 50 loot orbs.
  • Stage 3: Let’s Light It Up!: Win 50 PvP combat rounds OR Earn 500 Soul Power
  • Stage 4: Shine With Lux: Field 4 5-cost champions at 2 stars OR play 2 games of Soul Brawl
  • Stage 5: Luminous Souls: Gain a free Nimblefoor and Lux emote.’


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Samira is tagged in with the equally stylish and equally gun-slinging Little Legend Squink. Just like in League of Legends, she’s a remorseless competitor and is here to show that she’s the absolute best at what she does.

  • Stage 1: Give It Your All: Deal 100000 physical damage
  • Stage 2: One Is Not Enough: FIeld 30 2-star champions equipped with 3 combined items.
  • Stage 3: Earning The S In Skill: 3-star five champions.
  • Stage 4: Target Practice: Place top four in three games OR place top four in Soul Brawl.
  • Stage 5: Guns Blazing: Get a free Squink and Samira emote.


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Sett is the plucky upcomer in Soul Fighter, the talented youngling aiming for the king of the arena’s, Viego’s, throne. He’s accompanied by the Shisa Little Legend, who matches Sett’s endless energy with his own enthusiastic heroism.

  • Stage 1: Feel The Burn: Get a 4+ win streak 10 times OR play three games of Soul Brawl.
  • Stage 2: Bros Bros Bros: Field 200 Champions.
  • Stage 3: Push Yourself: Stun 50 Champions.
  • Stage 4: Making Mom Proud: Field a Prismatic Trait OR Earn a 250+ Soul Power from Gwen or Sett in Soul Brawl.
  • Stage 5: Heroic Brothers: Get a free Shisa and Sett emote.

That’s how to complete all the Soul Fighter TFT quests, so get out there and gain that Soul Power!


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