XDefiant Season 1

All new content coming in XDefiant Season 1

By Olivia Richman


Jul 2, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Season 1 of XDefiant is here and it’s bringing some big changes for competitive players that want more content and a bit more of a challenge. Here are some of the biggest updates of Season 1.

GS Kommando Faction

Season 1 dropped with a new faction, GS Kommando, which comes from Rainbow Six Siege. These defensive characters are focused on controlling areas with either Shock Wire to damage and slow enemies or an Active Defense System (ADS) to nullify throwable items. Then GS Kommando’s Ultra is a G52 Tactical Shield for extra defense and the ability to blind opponents with a flash.

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Season 1 Ranked here early

Season 1 has introduced Ranked to XDefiant. On X, developers announced that it’s coming even earlier after hearing pleas from gamers.

Ranked will feature skill-based matchmaking that will place you in matches with similarly skilled players to create balance. When you win a match your rank goes up while losing lowers it. Your individual performance will also be taken into consideration. For example, if you are the highest scorer on a losing team you’ll be penalized less.

New game modes

Season 1 introduces two new game modes: Capture the Flag and Bomb. Capture the Flag is already here and available to play in Unranked — Ranked Capture the Flag is coming later. Bomb is also coming later in Season 1, introducing a fast one-life mode where the goal is to plant or defuse a bomb.

New weapons

XDefiant has three new weapons:

  • LVOA-C: Assault rifle with a fast fire rate and better handling, but shorter range
  • L115: Sniper rifle that’s not as fast as the M44 but not as slow as the TAC-50
  • Sawed-off Shotgun: A secondary weapon that’s great for close-quarter combat

New maps

Season 1 has three new maps all inspired by Ubisoft games. The first is the new Clubhouse map that’s inspired by Rainbow Six Siege — which has a map of the same name. XDefiant’s version has both indoor and outdoor areas to explore.

Later in the season, Daytona and Rockefeller are being added to the map pool.