Stats show when Inferno may come to CS2

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 10, 2023

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Inferno is one of Counter-Strike’s most beloved maps, but it’s yet to make an appearance in CS2. However, that’s likely to change sooner than you may think.

After more than two months of Dust 2, Valve has been churning out map after map for the CS2 beta. Ancient is currently in the spotlight after the brief run of Anubis, and the pace of map changes has rapidly increased. Inferno is the only map left to test, meaning that Valve has certainly saved one of the best for last. There’s no official news on when it will arrive, but statistical analysis can give us a pretty good hint.

The analysis below was assembled by Liquipedia editor ThourCS. It shows exactly how long each map was available for competitive play in the CS2 beta. New releases have come faster and faster with each map, and Anubis set a new record with less than one week of availability. While a shame for Anubis enjoyers, it also provides a hint for when Inferno could join the fray.

When will Inferno arrive in the CS2 beta test?

Based on the accelerated map release schedule, Inferno should be in the CS2 beta around August 14, 2023.

This prediction is based on a six-day testing period for Ancient, which itself is based on the six-day testing period for Anubis. The initial reveal of these maps painted them as a pair, so it would make sense for Valve to give them equal time in the spotlight.  

CS2 Inferno

However, there’s no guarantee that August 14 will be the day Inferno arrives in CS2. Valve is cryptic about its release schedule. While some signs point to August 24 as the potential release date for the full game, there’s always a chance of last-minute delays.

As for the map itself, the world trailer confirmed that Inferno will be an overhauled map. Similarly to Overpass, it will get a complete visual makeover with potential gameplay changes to spice up the classic venue. The map’s iconic areas like banana and alt mid will probably stay the same, but more abstract areas like apartments and Mexico will probably get some adjustments.


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