SSSniperWolf faces backlash for refusing message to dying child

By Olivia Richman


Dec 29, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

YouTuber Alia “SSSniperWolf” Shelesh is no stranger to drama. She has been accused of faking her gameplay and heavily editing her posts. Now, SSSniperWolf has been accused of avoiding meeting with a terminally ill child.

On an episode of Adam22’s No Jumper podcast, a child named Kiara said that it was her dream to meet SSSniperWolf. With over 30 million YouTube subscribers, SSSniperWolf is best known for her reaction videos and TikToks. Adam22 reached out to SSSniperWolf with Kiara’s request, and got a response from the popular YouTuber right away.

SSSniperWolf argues with mother of terminally ill child

SSSniperWolf sent an Instagram message to Kiara’s mother saying she would love to chat with her or send a video message. In response, the mother said that she would do whatever it takes to make it happen. SSSniperWolf responded that she could arrange a quick call around Christmas.

But the meeting never happened. As the two continued to try and agree on a time, the mother posted an Instagram story about the situation. SSSniperWolf messaged the mother to delete the story, stating that she doesn’t usually “do this” and didn’t want others asking for similar video messages. The mother promptly deleted the story and apologized.

In the end, SSSniperWolf messaged the mom that she was “very busy” and explained that it was difficult to find a time to call Kiara. This prompted Kiara’s mom to become emotional in the exchange. She explained that her daughter watched SSSniperWolf’s content throughout her cancer treatment and had days left to live.

“You shouldn’t have even reached out because then I could have just told Kiara that I tried. I told her you wanted to say hi and instead you blew off a dying 10-year-old girl for days. It’s all good,” the mother said.

After the exchange, the mother blocked SSSniperWolf.

The streaming community was clearly upset by the exchange between SSSniperWolf and her young fan’s mother. The YouTuber was met with fierce backlash and harsh words, as many fans expressed shock that she hadn’t taken the time to reach out to the fan.

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The concern and backlash prompted her to tweet that she sent the little girl a video, calling the situation “drama.”

SSSniperWolf’s claim that she had gotten into contact with the mother was not met with applause. People replied to the tweet saying that SSSniperWolf had only met with the girl to save her reputation, not because she truly wanted to spend the time talking with Kiara.

Many were baffled that SSSniperWolf wouldn’t take the time out of her day to send a message before the situation became public. Some fans stood up for SSSniperWolf, stating that the YouTuber has a busy schedule. But not many seemed willing to buy into the idea that she couldn’t spend a few minutes saying hello.