After Raze and Killjoy ship, Valorant calls Sage “mommy”

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 30, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant recently confirmed that Killjoy and Raze were queer in a romantic post of the two sharing a kiss. Now, the developer is feeding the community by calling Sage “middle-seat mommy.”

The Valorant community is deeply in touch with the game’s lore. Each map and agent is connected with a deeper storyline of the mirrorverse and the dispute after the Radianite. But it’s not all about bloodshed and betrayal. Lore enthusiasts have their own ships, secret nicknames, and codes for each agent. For instance, Sage was typically labeled as the female squad’s mommy, but these memes were once limited to the fan base. 

That is, until Valorant’s social media handler just woke up one day and decided to make Sage the official mommy. A part of Valorant’s player base is pleasantly surprised, while the other is raising eyebrows.

It’s official, Sage is Valorant’s mommy 

Valorant community has tons of hilarious memes that are iconic enough to make it in Valorant as cards and sprays. But, Valorant fans believe that some references are best left in the comedic side of the game, like the one that Riot recently posted on the official handle. 

Valorant shared a cute image of Sage sitting in the middle of the protocol’s youngest agents, Neon and Jett. The caption read, “Jett mumbled something about ‘middle seat mommy’ before dozing off. Not sure what she meant, but I think it’s cute.”

It was clearly a nod to the fan-made title given to Sage, and while most fans are happy that Valorant is in touch, some think that it’s a bit too much. 

If anything, Sage does look a bit older in the shared image, so Valorant’s “mommy” label could also be taken in a literal sense. But, the suggestive nick doesn’t mean paternal mother in the Valorant community, which is why the comments are flooded with shocked memes and people asking who’s behind the Valorant account. Some even jokingly threatened to move back to Minecraft because Valorant has succumbed to the “e-daters.” 

Whatever the case, it’s clear that Valorant devs and creators are in close touch with fans and their lore. The Raze and Killjoy ship and now the Sage mommy label suggests that players should expect more lore-related cute references. 

Are Raze and Killjoy dating?

Yes. According to Valorant, Raze and Killjoy are dating. They are most likely the game’s first and only queer couple, at least publicly, until Riot announces more in the future.