Adin Ross has been banned from Twitch, and here’s why

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 20, 2022

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After weeks of suspense, Adin Ross has been officially banned from Twitch.

Adin Ross will be unable to stream or appear on other streamers’ channels after an official ban from Twitch staff. The exact cause is uncertain, but many fans believe it is related to Adin using homophobic slurs on another streamer’s channel.

The duration of the ban is not yet known, but it is likely temporary and probably less than a month based on similar offenses. Adin Ross has not made any public comments on the ban but retains partner status, suggesting his ban is not permanent.

The ban was announced on April 20. Fans have speculated about the possibility of an Adin Ross ban for just over a week after he violated Twitch’s terms of service on another user’s channel. This marks the second time that Adin Ross has been banned from Twitch for homophobic slurs, though the first instance did not involve him actually saying it. In April 2021, another person called Ross a slur after he answered a phone call on steam. 

Why was Adin Ross banned from Twitch?

Adin Ross’ ban is likely related to the use of a homophobic slur on another streamer’s channel.

Earlier this month, Adin Ross used a homophobic slur on YourRAGE’s channel while it was live on Twitch. He allegedly did not know that the stream was live at the time of that conversation. Adin Ross’ ban is likely temporary, but previous uses of hateful language have received severe punishment. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer Mohamad “m0E” Assad became indefinitely banned for repeated use of homophobic slurs in 2018.

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Twitch has extremely strict rules regarding hateful conduct outlined in its official Community Guidelines. The use of slurs that degrade people based on their gender, sex, ethnicity, or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited.


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