A placeholder item description might have spoiled the next Persona

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The next Dota 2 persona cosmetic may have been spoiled by a programming error on the new Davion of Dragon Hold set.

Davion of Dragon Hold’s set preview page has a button to open your Dragon Knight cosmetic loadout. Strangely, it appears to glitch out and leave the persona slot empty if you already have a set equipped. Hovering over the empty persona slot reveals a description that’s likely a development placeholder.

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It’s possible that this text is a placeholder that was forgotten about during development. It wouldn’t be the only glitch affecting the Davion persona. A Lion persona might have been intended for the Nemestice battle pass but was swapped to capitalize on the success of the Dragon Blood anime. While this doesn’t completely confirm a Lion persona, it makes the deadly support a solid bet for the next makeover.

Lion’s persona details are completely up to speculation. It could show Lion during his backstory as the heroic Grandmaster of the Demon Witch. Lion’s demonic hand could overtake the rest of his body, giving him a completely new demonic look. Lion’s wide palette of immortals would also need to be incorporated. For all we know, Valve could turn him into an actual lion. 

Valve has already confirmed that a second battle pass will be released in 2021. That’s the most likely release time for Lion’s persona, assuming it exists at all. The dates of the second battle pass are yet to be announced.

How many personas are in Dota 2?

Personas share a similar place in the cosmetic hierarchy as arcanas. The exact boundary between them isn’t entirely clear. All personas are only available as limited-time battle pass rewards. Most arcanas are available as an eternal one-time purchase, though Valve may be abandoning that practice.

There are currently four personas in Dota 2. Here they are in order of release.

  • Acolyte of the Lost Arts Invoker
  • The Disciple’s Path Anti-Mage
  • The Toy Butcher Pudge
  • Davion of Dragon Hold Dragon Knight

The Acolyte of the Dark Arts is the first persona to be re-released with an additional style. The Nemestice battle pass rewards a children’s version of the iconic Dark Artistry set. The upgrade also granted a free voice pack to existing Acolyte owners.