Blue gem AK-47 and karambit combo sells for $500,000

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Another massive skin deal just went down in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with a blue gem AK-47 and karambit selling for over $500,000.

Blue gems are the pinnacle of most CSGO skin collections, but just like pet rabbits or reptiles, they can get lonely by themselves. This is totally why one CSGO collector dropped over $500,000 on a blue gem combo featuring two of the most coveted skins in the game. After a period of negotiation, top CSGO trader Oliver “zipeL” Behrensdorff has confirmed the sale of a blue gem AK-47 and karambit as the second-biggest skin sale in history.

The deal was confirmed by zipel through social media on April 16, 2023. The two skins originally belonged to established CSGO high-roller Luksusbums, who has been involved with other massive trades, including a $160,000 Wild Lotus earlier this year. The new owner is not yet publicly known, as both skins appear to still be in zipel’s inventory. 

Why did a blue gem Karambit and AK-47 sell for $500,000?

The blue gem karambit and AK-47 that sold for $500,000 are the pinnacles of their models and finish, though they don’t quite break the barrier for the biggest ever CSGO skin deal.

The StatTrak™AK-47 | Case-Hardened featured in the deal is a 661 pattern in minimal wear. That’s already insane, but it also comes with a full set of Titan Holo stickers from Katowice 2014. Just one of them last sold for $63,196 unapplied. It also has the lowest float of any tradable Titan-slapped blue gem AK, with the only cleaner example being infamously trade banned. 

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The determined value of each item wasn’t revealed, but the AK-47 likely comprised the bulk of the deal. The only way for the skin to be any better would be factory new condition, but no such skin currently exists.

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The pricing for the knife is much more straightforward. The karambit is one of the most desirable models in the game, with only the butterfly knife arguably coming close. The particular skin sold is also a blue gem Case-Hardened, though it has a considerably higher float at well-worn.