This monster Wild Lotus AK-47 just sold for $160,000

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Another monstrous skin sale has rocked the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community, with one collector paying the price of a college education for an AK-47.

When it comes to variety, the AK-47 is the king in CSGO. It has a ton of awesome skins, and the weapons’ iconic status can push their prices sky-high. A new god-tier skin has now entered the pantheon with the official sale of an AK-47 | Wild Lotus for $160,000. Here’s what we know about the sale and why it earned such an insane selling price.

The skin in question is a factory-new AK-47 | Wild Lotus with four Reason Gaming Katowice 2014 Holos. The skin was listed on third-party CSGO skin marketplace for $158,991 USD, and it was eventually purchased with ¥1,095,000 Yuan. It was sold by established CSGO high-roller Luksusbums, who sold another AK-47 skin for $400,000 last year. 

AK-47 Wild Lotus factory new Reason Holo craft

The purchaser appears to be a Chinese collector who may go by the name Niecolas. Their account shows off several other top-tier CSGO skins, including a factory new souvenir Dragon Lore. 

Why did a Wild Lotus sell for $160,000 in CSGO?

The AK-47 | Wild Lotus is a pristine example of one of CSGO’s cult classic skins, but the stickers really carry the price.

The Wild Lotus is a fairly desired AK-47 skin. New copies were only available during Operation Shattered Web, and it was already quite difficult to get. The St. Marc collection is quite rare today, and trade-ups to the covert Lotus are either extremely risky or prohibitively expensive. Certain collectors love its lush jungle vibe, and battle-scarred Wild Lotuses can still sell for thousands of dollars. But this particular skin has much more than just that.

It has a full set of four Reason Gaming (Holo) | Katowice 2014 stickers. Katowice 2014s are the absolute most valuable stickers in the game, and Reason Gaming stickers are the third-most expensive after Titan and iBuyPower. Just one currently costs almost $40,000. The stickers lose a large amount of value applied to a skin, but a full set pushes an already-coveted skin to the absolute limit.

3 Reason Holo AK-47 Wild Lotus crafts

However, there is one unfortunate flaw with this skin. There are a total of three factory new Wild Lotuses with full sets of Reason Holos. This skin only has the second-lowest float at 0.00597. Another copy is 0.00123 cleaner, though the recent purchaser was likely well aware of it before buying.