100 Thieves out of DreamHack Open Winter, GODSENT steps in

Olivia Richman • November 23, 20:23

100 Thieves will not be competing at DreamHack Open Winter

Fans of the Australian squad were surprised and disappointed when DreamHack tweeted that the fifth-ranked team was backing out of the tournament. DreamHack also stated that they would be announcing a replacement soon.

CSGO fans started dropping their favorite teams in DreamHack’s mentions but with just a few days left before the event, the organizer had to fill the hole quickly. With the event set to take place in Jonkoping, Sweden, DreamHack turned to a local favorite in GODSENT.

DreamHack stated it “looked around quite a bit” before penning in GODSENT as 100 Thieves’ replacement. While that doesn’t really feel like a glowing endorsement, the decision was met with some praise from fans. 

GODSENT on an upswing before DreamHack Open Winter

GODSENT ceased operations in 2018 but returned to life earlier this year after partnering with The Final Tribe. The organization signed the lineup of NoChance to return to CSGO and found immediate success by winning WePlay! Forge of Masters Season 2. HLTV currently has the team ranked 22nd in the world, making them tough competition for the rest of the lineup. 

DreamHack invited CR4ZY, forZe, FURIA Esports, and Heroic to compete at the event, while the now-former roster of Tricked Esports made their way through the European Qualifier. Marskalk won the Swedish Qualifier for a spot in the event, while SJ Gaming found their way to Jonkoping by winning Finnish Esports League Season 7

100 Thieves has not yet revealed the reason behind their sudden change of plans, but many speculate that the team’s tight tournament schedule is to blame. DreamHack Open Winter wraps up on December 1, just two days before the start of the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals in Denmark. 

DreamHack Open Winter will be taking place alongside Fortnite tournaments and a Cyberpunk 2077 booth. DreamHack also boasts the “longest LAN ever.” Gamers can bring their own computer and take part in an 80-hour LAN event, competing for prizes and competing against friends and strangers in a variety of games. 

Known as a gathering for gamers, DreamHack Open Winter will also have a cosplay contest and the chance to watch top speedrunners attempt to break some records. Live music and tabletop gaming are also available for attendees. 


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