Where to start the Baki manga after watching the anime

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 11, 2023

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By matching up the events of the anime to the original story, we know exactly where to start the Baki manga.

If you’ve kept up with all of the Baki anime, you know by now that it’s filled with insane fights and even more insane fighters. However, the ending battle between Yujiro and Baki is only the beginning of another arc in the long-running shonen. If you’ve just polished off the newest season of the Netflix Baki anime and are already hungry for more, here’s where to start the manga without missing any of the story.

Where to start the Baki manga after you finish the Netflix anime

The Baki anime currently ends at the same point as the Baki Hamna manga, so Baki Dou is where manga readers should start.

At the end of Baki Hanma Season 2, Baki finally measures his skills against Yujiro with less-than-satisfying results. The Ogre once again proves that he is on a far higher level than his son, enough that he could stop mid-fight to cook him an imaginary meal. Baki loses in the end, but the battle only confirms his plan of becoming strong enough to defeat his legendary father.

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In the manga, that battle concludes in the final chapter of Baki Hanma. The story picks up again in Baki Dou, which consists of 151 chapters primarily covering the revival of legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. If you thought United States politicians showing up would be the peak of weirdness in Baki, you haven’t seen anything yet.

If you plan to continue reading, there’s still lots of Baki to cover. After Baki Dou is Bakidou, which has the same name as the previous part but covers an entirely new story. After that is Baki Rahen, which is the ongoing chapter of the decades-long series.


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