What’s the deal with Biscuit Oliva’s wife in Baki?

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 17, 2023

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Biscuit Oliva is a fan-favorite character in Baki, but fans are quick to question his choice of wife.

First introduced early on in the series, Mr. Unchained is a powerful Cuban fighter most famous for his nearly impenetrable body and insane strength. Any fight featuring Oliva is guaranteed to be bombastic, whether it’s a showdown with Sikorsky or just some judo sparring against Japanese policemen. However, one of the character’s strange traits is his marriage. After her reveal in the anime, many Baki fans want to know what’s up with the wife of Biscuit Oliva.

Oliva’s wife is named Maria, and she is a likely American woman who is actually not married to Oliva. The two are simply boyfriend and girlfriend, though her first appearance with Oliva wearing a tuxedo has led many fans to think otherwise. She lives with Oliva at Arizona State Prison.

Maria isn’t much of a character, but from what little we see, she’s definitely unique in the world of Baki. She is extremely obese, seemingly unable to move out of her bed. Luckily for her, Oliva is both capable and willing to move her and her bed around the prison. She’s also extremely rude to her boyfriend, throwing a cigarette at his face and spitting in his eye after being called beautiful. Oliva responds by intimidating a jailyard of 4,000 prison inmates into complimenting her looks. 

Baki also takes a nap on top of Maria in an effort to make Oliva angry, and it works. The prison-bound couple later engage intimately offscreen, further confirming Oliva’s genuine attraction. 

What’s the story behind Maria, the wife of Biscuit Oliva?

Biscuit Oliva’s wife Maria was once a beautiful woman, but all of the fighter’s pampering has turned her rotten both inside and out.

Biscuit Oliva wife Maria young

In her younger years, Maria was a slim and attractive woman. It was then that she met Mr. Unchained, and the two began a relationship. The manga doesn’t go into too much detail, but it’s implied that Biscuit Oliva provided Maria with everything she could possibly want, leading to extensive weight gain and muscular atrophy. This led to the loss of self-esteem and ability to walk upstairs.


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