ZywOo’s hinge smoke on Dust 2 is the most complex one so far

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 7, 2022

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Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut has found a workaround to the controversial hinge smoke on Dust 2’s mid doors. It’s overly complicated but a perfect flex.

Utility is crucial on all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps, but Dust 2 is different. The legendary location favors those with a crisp aim and confidence to be aggressive. However, unique utility may provide a competitive edge in this dusty arena. For this reason, professional players continue to find new setups. 

The controversial hinge smoke on Dust 2 was one of the most viable utilities you could toss on mid-doors until Valve cheat protected the cl_showpos command. AWP maestro ZywOo has come up with a new lineup that may not be as viable, but it’ll surely impress your teammates and enemies.

How to do the hinge smoke on Dust 2

ZywOo has created a new risky lineup to smoke off the double doors in mid. The lineup begins from the pit on A long, which makes it complicated. But, it has the potential to help teammates push in from A-short. 

hinge smoke on Dust 2

The AWPers on attack usually pick battles at long, and this smoke is only possible when you have a scoped weapon. So it should be easy for one player to go long and assemble this smoke. The lineup requires the accuracy that scope’s zoom can offer. Ts can easily make their way inside A with the help of the AWPer stuck in pit.

This particular smoke has been used by top CSGO pros but with different lineups. This smoke works because the grenade lands on the hinge of the mid doors, creating a smokescreen to block the enemy snipers’ view of the catwalk from CTs playing around doors. Both sides can still see from below, but this also creates a one-way smoke from Xbox for the T side against anyone that tries to push.

While it’s a viable smoke, it’s undoubtedly more of a flex than a lineup that you’d use in fast-paced matchmaking. Considering the controversy around this smoke, your teammates will be impressed by this complex lineup. Still, in high ELO games, it can indeed contribute to a win when used correctly. 

What’s a hinge smoke in CSGO? 

Hinge smoke in CSGO is a unique grenade lineup on Dust 2, popularized by ZywOo and ropz. It was previously done using the cl_showpos command to land a smoke accurately and get specific coverage after deployment. In this lineup, the grenade gets stuck on an invisible door corner, creating a one-way window. 


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