pixel smokes in CSGO

CSGO pro finds a new way to calculate perfect lineups based on mouse sensitivity

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 7, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Robin “ropz” Kool has found a new trick to line up impossible pixel smokes after Valve’s ban on the cl_showpos command. 

From casual to professional CSGO players, everyone used the infamous cl_showpos command to track their velocity, height, stamina, and other precise values in the game. Apart from monitoring speed, players used it to execute tricky lineups. It was recently added to cheat-protected lists, leaving many players bummed. Trust the CSGO players to employ mathematical equations as a workaround for this. 

FaZe Clan’s young gun ropz has surprised the CSGO community by landing impossible smokes using in-game sensitivity. 

Ropz shows new smoke method after Valve bans cl_showpos

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Taking to Twitter, ropz explained how banning cl_showpos wasn’t necessary as players can still throw the same smokes using other methods. In his video, the rifler shared the accurate numbers for both horizontal and vertical positioning that’ll land the smoke on Xbox. There are many limitations to this new approach, but those refusing to let go of their lineups may choose to master this method. 

This method is only viable when there’s tons of time to line up and type in commands. ropz executed a specific smoke that shells from spawn 14. He found the perfect X and Y sensitivity for this smoke and moved up the mouse five times and once towards the right, letting him accurately execute the first lineup.

Switching sensitivity mid-game is not exactly convenient. However, players who are deeply invested in CSGO may benefit from in-spawn smokes. 

It’s worth noting alias is banned in CSGO, so players must add numbers manually or bind all free keys. This is also impractical in high-stake games but proves that throwing pixel smokes isn’t impossible despite the cl_showpos ban. To find perfect values for their own smokes, players need to spend hours in customs with their grenades. This is an advantageous method, but it requires effort and time. 

Ropz’s find is the new hot topic in the pro scene right now. While it’s unlikely Valve would respond to this complex trick, anything is possible. If the publisher really wants to eliminate pixel-perfect smokes, a sensitivity cap in upcoming patches wouldn’t be a surprise. 

What’s a pixel perfect smoke in CSGO? 

Pixel smokes in CSGO use the cl_showpos command to accurately land a smoke and get specific coverage after it’s deployed.

Not all smokes are legal in CSGO, but players can still use them by working their way around the commands. These smokes in CSGO require precise positioning and exact crosshair placement. These exact placements can be obtained through either the cl_showpos command or sometimes by zooming in with an AWP. The most notable example of this is the Dust 2 smoke that lands on the hinge of mid doors.