Ziplines are back in Fortnite after Epic Games fixes glitch

Olivia Richman • January 30, 01:00

After nine days, Ziplines have returned to Fortnite. 

Earlier this month, Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore pointed out that he could transport himself down to a Zipline while his umbrella was deployed.

“Oh my god, you can teleport down! Look straight down on the Zipline and press E!” Cloakzy exclaimed on stream. “You gotta look straight down, a 90 degree angle.” 

This meant that players could potentially drop down, loot, and then immediately hop back on the Zipline and continue their journey across the map. 

This discovery during squads led to Epic Games issuing a tweet on the glitch, although this wasn’t the only Zipline-related bug. 

The Fortnite community discovered other bugs this month. After hitching a ride on a Zipline, one player showed how he was able to manipulate the game into letting him drop from the Zipline with the pulley still hovering above his head. The glitch allowed the player to destroy basically anything in his path, from the environment to an enemy’s builds. 

“Due to an issue, Ziplines have been temporarily disabled. We plan to re-enable them in our next update,” developers stated on January 20. 

Epic added that the “Use a Zipline in different matches” Challenge would be “auto-completed” thanks to the invonvenience. And it really was an inconvenience for Fortnite players to lose the Zipline, since Chapter 2 has less mobility options than previous seasons. WIthout Quadcrashers or Hoverboards, Fortnite players had a hard time escaping the storm. 

“With the least amount of mobility that Fortnite has ever had, and an even bigger map than Season 1, the incredible zone pulls to one side of the map 10 times in a row is a little stupid. More mobility needs to be added, or less dramatic zone pulls,” Tyler “Ninja” Blevins tweeted about the new season’s lack of mobility options. 

According to Epic’s “Community Issues” Trello board, the Ziplines were re-enabled before the update, earlier than expected. 

Chapter 2 Season 2 is launching February 20 and will run on Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics engine. It’s more than likely that new items will be coming next month. 


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