Lucas Valorant Radiant Streamer

Youngest Valorant Radiant player banned on Twitch

By Nicholas James


Nov 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The youngest Valorant Radiant player has been banned on Twitch, and fans are split on whether or not the ban is justified.

A Brazilian 11-year-old boy named Lucas is likely the youngest Valorant Radiant player, and streams his gameplay on Twitch. However, he has recently been banned on Twitch for breaking Twitch’s terms of service when it comes to the minimum age for someone to possess a Twitch account.

Now, Valorant fans are split on whether or not Lucas’ ban is justified, or an overreach by Twitch.

Youngest Valorant Radiant player banned on Twitch

Twitch’s Terms of Service clearly state that in order for somebody to register for a Twitch account, they must be at least 13 years old. Lucas, being 11 years old, clearly doesn’t qualify for Twitch’s criteria for users, hence his banning. Some fans argue, however, that since Lucas streams with direct parental guidance, he should be exempt from this since there is an adult there for all of his streaming.

The simple truth is that unless Twitch decides to radically alter its rules for the age of participants, the company is fully within its rights to indefinitely ban the accounts made by anybody under 13 years old.

Lucas and his parents put out a video explaining the situation, hoping that Twitch would reverse its ban. The story was picked up by esports personality Jake Lucky, who posted the video to Twitter. Lucas’ parents admit to not knowing Twitch’s rules about user age, as Lucas’ account was banned for several months previously before the young prodigy returned to streaming under parental observation.

Lucas’ story may be one of inspiring skill and prodigious ability, but Twitch’s terms are very clear, and Lucas streaming is in violation of those rules, with or without parental observation. Unless Lucas can find somewhere else to stream, fans hoping to see where the young player goes will have to wait two years before his gameplay can be streamed on Twitch again.