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You can use chickens as a weapon in CSGO with this trick

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 22, 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are highlighting ways to use Inferno’s iconic chickens to help them win CSGO matches.

The active map pool of CSGO is cutthroat and challenging. Complex layouts and pleasant views are common ingredients in almost all maps. Another common feature is the lack of disruptive visuals and audio elements. All maps are free of loud patterns and background noise, allowing players to focus on gunplay. Except for Inferno.

CSGO maps are straightforward, but Inferno comes with a fun gimmick. Chickens on Inferno are generally distracting and loud, but players can use them to their benefit. A player has noted that chickens could work as subtle flashbangs. 

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Chickens on Inferno are not entirely useless

A player named PilotGamer has outlined a new way to use chickens in CSGO, and it’s both genius and heartbreaking. This method may not earn you five kills, but it can surely distract enemies, putting them in a vulnerable spot. 

In his video, the player showcased that tossing a chicken in front of the enemy and then shooting it creates confetti. While it’s not blinding like a flash, it’s visually noisy enough to get a crosshair out of place. When players are heavily focused, even small movements impact crosshair placement. So, this chicken tactic may actually end up working in high-pressure situations. 

To do this, players may want to wrangle chickens into key chokepoints. Players can run at or shoot near chickens to get them to move. Just don’t get used to them as the purpose is to sacrifice them for the win. This tactic could be helpful in select scenarios, but it’s hard to execute in more ways than one. 

Chickens aren’t the only way to blind enemies. Players may also shoot at pots and plants to create a distraction. Nades also make for a great smoke-cum-flashbang. Just pop a grenade during a duel to create a temporary smoke. It can buy time to adjust aim and reposition to gain a competitive edge. 

Is Inferno a T-sided map?

Inferno has been the most T-sided CSGO map in 2022. The attacking side enjoys a 53% round win rate on the popular map.


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