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What is the most CT sided CSGO map of 2022?

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 12, 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps are generally well-balanced, but some locations heavily support one side over the other. We have assembled a list of the most CT sided CSGO maps in 2022. 

Valve has rolled out dozens of maps in CSGO since its release in 2012. Only a few maps managed to match the greatness of legendary locations like Dust 2, Inferno, and Mirage. However, all maps have a loyal fanbase for their layouts and immersive scenery. 

Some CSGO maps aren’t as balanced as the others. It falls on Ts to rush in and set the game’s pace, which ultimately increases the odds of winning for the CT side. Select locations in CSGO are created to support the CTs, which heavily impacts team performance on the T-side. 

What is the most CT-sided CSGO map of 2022?

In 2022, Ancient and Nuke are the most CT-sided maps in active duty. Ancient stands at the top as the most CT-sided CSGO map of 2022.

Both locations include plenty of choke points, allowing the defending teams to easily take cover. It’s very challenging to break into the bomb sites on these two maps, making the defending half a theoretical cakewalk for the CTs. According to HLTV, CTs have a 54% better chance of winning a round on Ancient, which is 7% more than the least CT-sided map, Inferno.

Is Nuke a CT sided map in CSGO?

Nuke is the second most CT-sided map in CSGO with a CT win rate of 53.3%. The plant locations have potentially dangerous and confusing layouts, which requires the Ts to move through dangerous entryways. They must dampen their footsteps in order to make it to the site without being detected. All entrances to the bombsites are narrow, allowing CTs to hold off hard pushes. Ts must have well-planned strategies to come out on top. 

Conversely, CTs only need to hold one bomb site to win most rounds on their half. Rotating towards other sites is safer and quicker, allowing CTs to defend the bombsites comfortably.

Train has a higher CT win rate than Nuke, but it’s been scratched out of the competitive map pool. 

What side map is Overpass?

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The complex layout of the Overpass isn’t perfectly balanced. Ts may find themselves struggling on this murky location due to the map favoring the CT side. 

Overpass is comparatively more balanced than Ancient and Nuke, but it still inclines towards the defenders. A win rate of 52% for CTs shows that Overpass’ two-story layout is an advantage for the defending team. Both Nuke and Overpass’ winding layouts makes it easier for CTs to hold their angles and rotate when necessary. This makes it challenging for Ts to attack one side, as CTs can quickly turn towards the area of danger. 

Is Mirage CT or T sided in CSGO? 

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Mirage ranks as one of the most balanced CSGO maps. The A site is easier to attack, as B is a lion’s den for the T-side. The layout doesn’t necessarily favor either side, which is why it’s one of the most fun maps to compete on for many players. Mirage is one of the most popular CSGO maps in 2022. Whether in casual pugs or competitive games, Mirage is the first pick of many players.

The A bombsite might seem to favor Ts due to its multiple points of entry, and the B site is tough to open. Mid is also tough to attack due to the sniper’s den on the CT side, but it can also be challenging to defend versus effective utility and teamwork. This combination balances out this location nicely for both casual and pro play. 

Is Vertigo a T sided map?

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Casual players may steer clear of Vertigo as it’s still one of the newer CSGO maps, but pro players can’t get enough of it. This enclosed field allows Ts to push into sites recklessly, making it a fairly T-sided map. 

Vertigo’s small size favors duels that may not always require heavy utility. A few flashes are enough to break into the tightly packed sites, which is why CTs may find it hard to hold their ground. Ts often rush into the sites with few smokes and still safely get their bomb plants. Both of the sites are pretty well balanced, but the middle area allows a safe route for Ts. A 53% win rate for the Ts proves that it’s a T-sided location. 

Is Dust 2 a T sided map? 

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The dusty layout of Dust 2 heavily favors the T side. By some measures Dust 2 is actually the least CT-sided map in CSGO.

It’s pretty easy for Ts to break into a wide-open A bombsite unless there’s an AWPer defending at long-range. Bombsite B is comparatively tough to open, but CTs often struggle to defend it due to the lack of effective hiding spots. Confident attackers can easily break into Dust 2’s sites with a few flashes against CTs who have fewer angles from which to take cover.

Is Inferno a T sided map?

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Inferno is the most T-sided CSGO map in 2022. The attacking side see a 53% round win rate on this storied location, which surely means it favors the T side.

Multiple entryways into the A site make it a cakewalk for Ts to bag rounds here. Due to its large size, CTs may find it challenging to watch all of the site’s many angles. However, the B site is not that easy to open. There’s only one traditional route into B, so Ts often pick A to attack as it’s comparatively easier. An openly contest mid area is also a plus for the attackers who can always split and take the CTs by surprise.


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