You can twerk in Counter-Strike 2, here’s how

By Olivia Richman


Oct 9, 2023

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Counter-Strike has always been considered a very serious and technical shooter but throughout the past decade, players have continued to find strange ways to be silly in-game. The latest is twerking in Counter-Strike 2.

The new victory celebration in Counter-Strike 2 is twerking. It appears to be the predecessor of tea-bagging. Here’s how to twerk in Counter-Strike 2.

How to twerk in Counter-Strike 2

If you find that you want to shake your booty after a W, it’s luckily very easy to master the art of twerking in Counter-Strike 2.

Here’s how to twerk in CS2:

  • Crouch
  • Move the camera up and down while crouching

You’d think that the Counter-Strike models would be a little stiff but they actually are very good at twerking thanks to the realistic way that skeletons move in CS2. This better movement has helped with peeking and other in-game strategies but it has also made booties bounce like never before.

The new taunt has become so hilarious that there are tutorials all around the internet for those that want to join in. It’s definitely entertaining to see twerk tutorials amidst tutorials on how to smoke and get cases — the usual.

As more players continue to play Counter-Strike 2, expect more creative ways to act silly and taunt enemies. The game may not be living up to every expectation, but the ability to twerk has been a worthy distraction so far.

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