You can set walls on fire on Inferno and it changes everything

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Playing T-side on Inferno is no cakewalk and things aren’t going to get easier with this newly discovered method for setting walls on fire.

Inferno is crammed with choke points, making it a nightmare to attack. Multiple entry points into A allow Ts to bag a few rounds before the side switch but it’s an uphill battle at all times.

Conversely, B site’s Banana is a lion’s den for the T side. However, learning a simple CT spawn smoke makes the site take significantly easier. Or at least, it used to.

This newly discovered incendiary trick can help players bounce back into the game by blocking off the CT smoke on Inferno. Here’s how. 

Inferno CT smoke

How to counter CT smoke on Inferno?

The only counter to a molotov in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a well-timed smoke. It turns out the trick works the other way around as well. While smokes are usually used to counter molotovs, this trick flips things around by using a molotov to set a wall on fire and counter a common smoke on Inferno’s B site.

Most smokes to block off CT bounce off the right side wall, so this player decided to set the wall on fire. Generally, the smoke ricochets off, falling in the mid of CT. With the wall on fire, the smoke instantly blooms at a high angle, leaving CT open. For this lineup, the CTs may want to be quick and follow the lineup in the video to toss the incendiary as soon as they hear a sound cue for a smoke grenade. 

This trick will work every single time, especially if the Ts don’t know other lineups. Luckily for the CTs, most setups begin from Banana and drop in the middle after hitting the wall. So, this is a surefire technique to send the Ts packing. 

Still, it’s a highly hit-or-miss trick as high-level players may have multiple setups to hit B. Plus, it’s not recommended to light a fire in advance without a sound cue. A molotov burns only for a few seconds, so wait for the grenade sound before activating the incendiary. Still, this can be used for a sneaky round win or to buy a bit of time even if opponents get a read on it.