xQc explains the scary reason for his move and Twitch absence

By Olivia Richman


Jul 15, 2021

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Felix “xQc” Lengyel sent out a cryptic tweet earlier this week that had fans speculating that the controversial streamer had taken a break from Twitch to focus on moving

Now, xQc has shared more information on his situation during a recent broadcast. xQc confirmed that he had first moved when he was getting swatted daily. Starting to fear for his life, xQc decided to leave his home. But sharing details about the swatting had proved even more dangerous to xQc. According to the former Overwatch League pro, his living situation only got worse, even after moving to Thomas “Sodapoppin” Morris’ house. 

“Some person went to my old house and broke into it with a crowbar,” xQc told fans. “Apparently he was looking for me. At that point, it was like ‘holy fuck. That’s pretty crazy, right?’ I went to Soda’s house and then weird shit happened there too. I just feel like it was unfair for everybody around me that I’m putting them in danger.” 

What happened to xQc?

xQc admitted that he was left a bit confused about the intruder’s intentions. After the break-in, xQc said the intruder claimed that the French Canadian streamer “owned something of his or whatever.” xQc checked his DMs to see if he could find further information and didn’t see anything related to the intrusion or the intruder’s claims. 

“I don’t really understand it,” xQc said. “He kinda just came out of nowhere.” 

xQc reassured fans that he’s no longer feeling rattled by the situation. He mostly felt he had to move for his own safety as well as the safety of his friends. To avoid any more such episodes, xQc said that he may even sell his old house. 

For now, xQc doesn’t have a permanent place to live, hence his break from streaming earlier in July. His tweet stated that things were in “disarray,” indicating that xQc may still be stressed out while he’s working on a permanent solution. But fans are happy to see the streamer return to Twitch in the meantime. 


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