xQc Valkyrae

xQc continues critique of Valkyrae over RFLCT controversy

By Olivia Richman


Oct 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Felix “xQc” Lengyel is continuing to criticize Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter for how the streamer has handled the backlash to her RFLCT skincare line.

Valkyrae has been under fire after announcing the upcoming launch of RFLCT, a skincare line aimed at protecting gamers’ skin against the damage that can allegedly be caused by blue light pollution from monitors and phones. Valkyrae finally came forward about the controversy in a recent stream, explaining that she wants “out” from the situation due to all of the backlash but that she still stands by the product, which she continues to claim addresses a valid concern.

During her stream, Valkyrae also addressed how her friends dealt with the RFLCT controversy. While she felt “all the hate was warranted,” Valkyrae admitted she was hurt that her friends didn’t DM her about the product beforehand if they had concerns instead of bashing it only once she announced RFLCT publicly. She also felt that her friends should have asked her if she was okay after the controversy started.

But xQc rolled his eyes at this notion in a recent stream of his own.

xQc responds to Valkyrae RFLCT backlash

xQc continued to discuss the RFLCT controversy in a recent stream, this time speaking on Valkryae’s response to the backlash. xQc came to the defense of Valkyrae’s fellow streamers, claiming they didn’t have to reach out to Valkyrae about her decision to be involved with RFLCT.

The controversial and outspoken former Overwatch League pro explained that it’s Valkyrae’s responsibility to fact-check the product beforehand.

“If I sponsor a game and the game is kind of weird, nobody is going to DM me… I don’t blame them for not either. It’s my fucking job. I signed the papers. I signed the contract. It’s my battle,” xQc said. “I don’t assume that the whole squad is on my side and we’re fighting together.”

xQc said that friends reaching out to Valkyrae to console her over the public’s response to RFLCT is “not how it works.”