xQc apologizes after permanent ban from NoPixel GTA RP server

By Olivia Richman


May 24, 2021

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Last night, fans of Felix “xQc” Lengyel speculated that the controversial streamer was permanently banned from the largest Grand Theft Auto role-playing server, NoPixel. xQc has confirmed this to be true in an all-caps post on Twitter. 

xQc fans noticed that the former Overwatch League pro was listed as “permanently banned” on the official NoPixel Discord server. NoPixel admins also shared the news on forums, stating that the “case is closed” and xQc is no longer a part of the city. But even after seeing these posts, fans wondered if the ban was real. 

In the early hours of Monday morning, xQc came forward to announce that the permanent ban was legitimate. He stated that he didn’t mean for “any of this” to happen but became “overwhelmed” with all of the issues happening in NoPixel. This led to him not acting right and becoming permanently banned. 

“I still want to apologize for those who got collateral. I hope you know it wasn’t malice and I love and respect all RPers,” xQc added with a heart. 

According to xQc fans, the streamer was being bullied by other people on the server who “dislike him.” The trolls were continuously attempting to disrupt xQc’s game and ruin his time in the game in hopes of making him react negatively. Streamers like MoonMoon were allegedly stalling for hours to delay a trial, resulting in xQc being stuck in jail for almost 300 months in jail. 

Some replies blamed xQc for getting permanently banned. 

xQc no stranger to drama on NoPixel’s GTA RP server

In April, xQc was banned from NoPixel for a third time. The reason for the ban wasn’t officially stated but xQc tweeted that he became “unreasonably mad” during the stream that got him suspended. During the stream, xQc’s apartment had been raided by a cop following a failed robbery. xQc reacted aggressively, holding the cops at gunpoint until he was banned. 

In response, xQc appeared to encourage his followers to “chat hop,” essentially telling them to harass the streamers who got him in trouble with NoPixel. One streamer was even banned from Twitch for reading harassment and “violent messages” she received from xQc fans. 

xQc’s reckless and harmful behavior inside and outside the game has been a continued source of controversy and intrigue for the streaming community. His in-game antics often include breaking the law and defying the police. But outside Grand Theft Auto, xQc’s fans have harassed streamers who arrest xQc regardless of whether it’s warranted. 

Because of this, a lot of people in the streaming community have applauded NoPixel’s decision to permanently ban xQc. 

Why was xQc banned from RP NoPixel?

While the reason behind xQc’s ban was never officially stated by the streamer or server mods, people who have watched his streams recalled exactly what led up to xQc’s permanent ban last night. xQc was caught robbing a bank and had to plead guilty to a string of robberies.

Because of his pattern of behavior, there was no way xQc would win the case in court so the charges would never be removed and he would never get his money back. This is what led to his permanent ban, which confused some viewers. 

However, there are full court trials in NoPixel, including judges and lawyers. The cops write up reports and they go through the entire court system, including logging evidence and statements. Everyone can plead guilty and go to jail to skip this process. Or streamers can schedule a court case and give testimony.

The issue is that xQc often behaves in a manner that ignores a lot of these processes and the people that are a part of them, including medics, doctors, lawyers, judges, and police officers. During the court case, xQc even told someone else to shut up. He also kept running around the courtroom and tackling people when he was supposed to be role-playing that he was cuffed to the table. 


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