WWE is letting wrestlers back on Twitch after previous ban

By Steven Rondina


Apr 2, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

WrestleMania weekend had a positive start for WWE wrestlers who are now being allowed to resume doing business digital platforms such as Twitch and Cameo.

According to reports, WWE held a talent meeting in Dallas to discuss changes to its policies regarding company talent monetizing their online presence. Included in this was the wrestling promotion removing past restrictions on wrestlers’ use of “third-party platforms.” The most notable among these platforms was Twitch, where many wrestlers had established a presence prior to the previous ban.

The decision followed a number of controversies involving wrestlers on the streaming site. This ranged from the use of racial slurs while playing Call of Duty on Twitch to wrestlers unintentionally revealing pervasive health issues throughout the locker room. There was some speculation that this move by WWE was due to the planned introduction of a new Cameo-style service from the company, but this service never materialized. 

Reaction within the company was mixed, as some toed the company line while others were vocal on social media about their frustrations. Foremost among those who expressed their frustrations publicly were Saraya Knight and Thea Trinidad, known within WWE as Paige and Zelina Vega, respectively. The massive Twitch leak in 2021 revealed that the pair had made $478,224 and $341,748 across 25 months on the platform from subscriptions and ad revenue. This meant that WWE’s Twitch ban was a massive financial blow to both performers. 

Trinidad was released from WWE after these complaints but was re-signed seven months later. She stopped streaming on Twitch a few weeks after making her return.

Will Xavier Woods, Zelina Vega, and other WWE wrestlers return to Twitch?

Current WWE wrestlers that previously maintained a presence on Twitch before stepping away have not yet returned.

Many of the WWE wrestlers that had a significant presence on Twitch before the move have left the company altogether. Current WWE wrestlers such as Xavier Woods, AJ Styles, and Zelina Vega who were making headway on the platform have not yet returned as of this writing.

The change in policy by WWE regarding its wrestlers on Twitch came at a time when they are all quite busy. Wrestlemania is the largest WWE event of the year and includes a number of press events and other appearances. Even if they plan to return, they likely haven’t had the time to do so. And should they return, it’s unknown exactly how WWE might dictate that revenue from the platform would be split between the performers and the company.