woxic signs $1.3 million contract to join Cloud9’s CSGO team

Nick Johnson • September 19, 20:49

Cloud9 and it’s new general manager have had a busy weekend, announcing the signing of former mousesports player Özgür “woxic” Eker as their roster’s third official player.

The news came only hours after Cloud9 revealed that it had inked British rifler William “mezii” Merriman to a $426,000 contract. Cloud9’s general manager, former Counter-Strike player and commentator Henry “HenryG” Greer, kicked off his new role at the North American esports organization by snatching one of the scene’s most valuable in-game leaders from the open market in Vitality’s Alex “ALEX” McMeekin.

woxic joins Cloud9 after a little over a year on mousesports, where the 22-year-old AWPer racked up a 1.10 rating overall with a standout 1.14 against teams ranked inside CSGO’s top five.

Headstart puts Cloud9 CSGO team in position for fall run

Since adding HenryG as its manager, Cloud9 has taken to revealing the contract details of its new signings. As of woxic’s signing, the team has committed almost $3.5 million over the next three years in player salaries and contract buyouts to other organizations. Many teams have started to overhaul their rosters with the news that the ESL One Rio Major has been postponed for an indefinite length of time.

With that news came an unspoken understanding that Valve’s Regional Ranking tournaments, the company’s new system for qualifying for majors, would continue until ESL and Valve set a new date.

C9 jumped out ahead of the pack by announcing that it would release its current CSGO roster, formerly the South African squad previously sponsored by ATK, after it had signed a new host of players. The team first revealed that Greer would take over as general manager, followed by a release announcing ALEX’s signing as the team’s captain and IGL.

The organization is hoping this radical reboot will help it recapture the form that allowed it to capture a major title in 2018.


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