Worst bug in Dota 2 history? Meepo can create infinite clones

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 19, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Meepo is one of the glitchiest heroes in Dota 2 history, but patch 7.30 has seen things hit new heights.

By combining Meepo’s new Aghanim’s Shard ability with other spells and items, Dota 2 players can create Meepo clones of their own in patch 7.30. The issue stems from Meepo’s ultimate Divided We Stand being given an active ability. Valve will likely fix the issue in the near future, but as it stands players are finding different ways to proc and exploit this bug.

Meepo’s new Aghanim’s Shard grants him a new active ability tied to his ultimate. The passive part of Divided We Stand is what lets Meepo multiply into four heroes with independent cooldowns. The active part allows one Meepo to throw a nearby Meepo at an enemy unit. It works similarly to Tiny’s Toss. However, a rare setup of builds and timing can apply Divided We Stand’s passive to other units.

The easiest setup for creating your own hero’s clones is to activate Lotus Orb and get targeted by Divided We Stand’s active ability. Lotus Orb’s Echo Shell is meant to reflect enemy spells but instead of reflecting the active ability, Divided We Stand’s passive will be applied to the enemy hero to create clones.

The clones created by the glitch are completely functional and follow the same rules as Meepo. They lose all items except boots but can use non-ultimate spells with normal cooldowns and mana costs. Strangely, the death rule for Divided We Stand does not apply.

How to set up 7.30 Meepo clone glitch

Lotus Orb isn’t the only way to steal Meepo’s cloning ultimate. Rubick can use Spell Steal on Divided We Stand’s active ability to gain it for himself. A Meepo-Rubick hybrid would be one of the most mechanically intensive heroes in Dota 2. 


The wackiest setup involves Grimstroke. When the ghastly painter uses Soulbind on two enemy heroes, Meepo will multiply every time he targets them with Shard. The new Meepos can also target the Soulbound units with the toss, increasing their numbers further. This glitch is very in-character for Meepo, but its removal is probably for the best.


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