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Worlds 2023 locations announced in South Korea

By Nicholas James


Apr 23, 2023

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The Worlds 2023 locations in South Korea have been announced, with all of the event venues finally being unveiled.

This year’s World Championship for League of Legends will take place in South Korea, one of the strongest and most historically dominant regions in the world. Riot Games has recently announced exactly where each round of the tournament will be taking place, traveling through three separate cities in South Korea. From Play-In Stages to the Grand Finals, Worlds 2023 looks to be as much of an event as previous years.

Worlds 2023 locations

All three locations have been announced for Worlds 2023 within the host country of South Korea. Play-In Stage will begin in LoL Park, the home of South Korea’s LCK domestic league. After that, the Swiss Stage will begin, taking part at KBS Arena in Seoul. The Knockout Stage, into which the champion of each of the major regions will be seeded, will travel to Busan. This stage will take place at Sajik Indoor Gymnasium, giving fans closer to Busan a chance to attend Worlds.

The Grand Finals will travel back to Seoul and will be filling up the single largest indoor event venue in all of South Korea, the Gocheok Sky Dome. All of these locations offer excellent locales for LoL to return to one of the most esports-involved nations on Earth. Tickets aren’t available yet, so don’t go searching for seats in any of these stadiums just yet. Play-Ins will run from October 10 to 15, Swiss will run from October 19 to 29, Knockouts will run from November 2 to 12, and the finals will take place on November 19.

Riot Games is seeding the groundwork for the largest tournament of the year as it prepares to launch the Mid-Season Invitational, taking place in London, England. For those hoping to snag tickets, Riot Games will announce plans later in the year when those go on sale. In the meantime, fans will have to wait for more to start making plans. The finals will take place on November 19.


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