Winstrike Team reveals new logo and promising new Dota 2 roster

By Olivia Richman


Nov 28, 2019

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Winstrike Team announced a new logo and a new Dota 2 roster earlier today. 

The Russian Dota 2 team’s reveal was met with overwhelming support. Standing for exploration and bravery, the team embraced a rocket as their new logo. Their roster reveal video showcased old footage of Russian space travel between images of the new squad with fresh merch, which made for quite the entrance. 

“We fly to win! Launch a rocket!” exclaimed Winstrike on Twitter, while introducing the Dota 2 scene to some new hashtags. 

Winstrike Team announces new roster

The logo and style reveal also introduced Winstrike fans to their entirely new roster:

  • Nikita “Daxak” Kuzmin
  • Maxim “mellojul” Prev
  • Vasily “AfterLife” Shishkin
  • Ilya “ALOHADANCE” Korobnik
  • Vladimir “RodjER” Nikoghosyan coach Arsenij “ArsZeeqq” Usov formed the roster after the team’s previous squad disbanded a few months ago. But it may have been for the best, because the new roster is full of experienced Dota 2 pros who have played on top tier CIS teams like HellRaisers and Gambit. 

One of the most recognized names is RodjER, a former support. But the addition of ALOHADANCE has gained a lot of attention from the Dota 2 community, since the player was benched at the beginning of November for refusing to practice with the rest of the HellRaisers team. 

“We regret to inform you that ALOHADANCE refused to practice with the team so close to such an important Minor for us, DOTA Summit 11. This put at risk not only our form, but HellRaisers’ participation in the tournament in general. We consider this kind of attitude highly unprofessional and unacceptable for the HellRaisers tag, which is why we inform you that as of today ALOHADANCE is benched and transfer listed,” the team informed their fans at the time. 

ALOHADANCE had told his folowers that there was more to the story than HellRaisers was sharing, but didn’t go into any further details of his own. 

Despite the possible attitude problem, it appears that the promising new Winstrike squad is set to take on the DreamLeague Season 13 CIS closed qualifiers, which begin next week on December 1. 


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