Windranger arcana arrives in TI10 Battle Pass, players love it

By Steven Rondina


Sep 4, 2020

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The International 10 Battle Pass has seen its last premium limited edition skin arrive, and it’s a good one.

The Compass of the Rising Gale arcana for Windranger has launched in Dota 2. This was the last of the five premium limited edition skins available for owners of high-level battle passes.

The official Dota 2 blog gives an interesting lore explanation of the skin, discussing how Windranger isn’t actually a human but is actually a wind elemental.

Windranger arcana.

“The mysteries of her birth had always enchanted Lyralei and her adopted family. But as she grew and her strange connection with the guardian wind became even stronger, an unease about her origins began to take hold. And though she thought to run from it, her headline path only led to the discovery of a difficult truth, that her village and blood kin had been destroyed by wind elementals on a night of righteous reckoning and that such destruction was necessary to reclaim her as one of their own,” the story reads.

The Compass of the Rising Gale skin comes with a long list of cool features sure to delight Windranger players.

Dota 2 fans actually like TI10 Battle Pass’ new Windranger arcana

The response to the Windranger arcana has been resoundingly positive. Fans praised both the new look and the additional effects added to the skin.

Starting from the top is the cool new look that gives Windranger a different color scheme and adds extra effects that show her moving into and out of her corporeal form. Like Phantom Assassin’s Manifold Paradox arcana, there is an extra effect added to Windranger’s ultimate. When Windranger uses Focus Fire, each hit that lands will leave an arrow sticking out of the target. This will be able to leave bulky heroes looking like pincushions after taking repeated hits.

Blog post image

Like the other arcanas in the TI10 Battle Pass, there is an unlockable palette swap for Windranger. The Reflections of the Gale style turns her from a blue-green color to an autumn mix of brown and red. The style is unlocked after accumulating 2.5 million damage using the hero’s Focus Fire ability.

All of this combined to garner a level of positivity that the Anti-Mage and Pudge hero personas weren’t able to muster.

The Compass of the Rising Gale skin can now be found now for players with TI10 Battle Passes level 575 and above.


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