Valorant agent 20 Sova

Will Valorant agent 20 replace Sova as the best initiator?

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Bounty Hunter is already Viper’s favorite intel-gatherer, but will upcoming Valorant agent 20 finally dethrone Sova as the best initiator? 

Valorant has undergone numerous meta changes over recent months thanks to consistent updates. All agents have seen a decline in playtime at some point due to meta shifts, but Sova has remained a hotly contested hero throughout the game’s existence. The initiator is the top pick of professional players and newbies, but things may change now. 

Leaks regarding upcoming Valorant agent 20 suggest that Bounty Hunter will rival Sova. Viper’s message has further confirmed that this mystery blackmailer is stealthy and may add to a team’s surveillance options. Could agent 20 replace Sova as the best initiator in Valorant? 

Is Bounty Hunter the best initiator in Valorant? 

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Currently, Sova is ruling the initiator category and Viper thinks Bounty Hunter could do the job better. The latest agent may actually be a viable replacement for Sova. 

Bounty Hunter’s kit recently got leaks, revealing her as the ultimate cross between Omen and Reyna. Unlike Sova, Bounty Hunter seems more on the Radiant-darkness side. The agent is equipped with orbs, a creature, and a dark mist that trails enemies. Her Q orb deals slight damage, whereas her E orb tags enemies similar to Sova’s dart. However, enemies must look at the orb’s eye to be trailed. 

Her Prowler is a lot like Skye’s tiger, but better. The agent can follow trails by moving the mouse. Upon reaching an enemy, they will be nearsighted for three seconds. The Prowler is effectively a Sova drone that follows and tags opponents. Unlike Sova’s straightforward ultimate, Bounty Hunter’s Nightfall deafens, trails, and decays enemies, which is where they may lack.

Sova’s Hunter’s Fury is often used on the defender’s side in post-plant situations. His shock dart is also an ability that deals heavy damage and is used to keep players away from the spike. Bounty Hunter can also do the job, but she’ll have to pick aim duels after activating her abilities. For example, her Nightfall may tenderize the enemies, but she’ll have to finish them off. 

Valorant agent 20’s overall kit is on par with Sova’s, which is excellent news for initiator players. If anything, Bounty Hunter’s addition will entice more players to try out initiators, while Sova’s pick rate will remain the same. Both agents are quite similar, but players may still hesitate to move on to Bounty Hunter’s much more complex toolkit. 

The surveillance category has long been lacking an alternative to Sova. Agent 20 may fill that gap, bringing a new viable option for initiator players.