gifting system in Valorant

Will there be a skin gifting system in Valorant like League?

By Fariha Bhatti


May 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Trading and gifting skins in Valorant is something players can only dream of. Riot Games has finally revealed if there’d be a gifting system in Valorant like its cousin game League of Legends. 

Valorant has a lavish collection of cosmetics that are worth big bucks. Extravagant skins with creative variants and levels aren’t for all though. They’re pricey and exclusive, which makes them perfect gifts for Valorant lovers. Unfortunately, players can’t use Valorant’s virtual items as gifts in the current act. The inventory system is strictly limited, restricting the players from trading cosmetics or sharing them.

The developer has finally heard the woes of skin collectors regarding a gifting system. In the latest Ask Valorant, product manager Stephen Kraman has revealed if there’d be a gifting system in Valorant in the future. 

Is there a gifting system in Valorant?

Riot Games is currently working on a gifting system, but it isn’t a priority as of now due to other in-game changes. 

League of Legends has an attractive gifting center that was introduced in 2012. It allows players to unlock RP, champions, and skins for a friend on their list as a gift. Players can either send a gift through the store or social panel to anyone they want. Now Valorant players wish for a similar feature that allows them to buy items for friends more conveniently. 

In the current state, the only way players can shop for friends is by logging into their accounts or sending VP codes. Both the methods are lengthy and tedious, restricting players from treating expensive Valorant items as gifts. A system like League will allow players to send items without going the extra mile of requesting a password. 

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The developer has confirmed that this market feature has been on the agenda for a year now. However, Riot has put it on a backlog to see other in-game changes. The delay could also be attributed to exploring more comprehensive ways to create a gifting system, according to Stephen Kraman. 

This is excellent news for Valorant fans who like to send gift items to their gaming friends on special occasions. Unfortunately, no set date has been revealed yet. So players will have to wait indefinitely before they can enjoy the gifting system in Valorant like League.

How to buy skins for friends in Valorant? 

There’s no proper way to buy a gift for friends in Valorant as of now. However, players can still purchase VP codes from third-party websites and send them to friends.