Will The International 2022 have True Sight? Pros are claiming to know

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True Sight is one of the best ways to look back at The International, but Valve may put the brakes on for 2022.

Multiple professional Dota 2 players have claimed that Valve will not create True Sight for the grand final of The International 2022. While quieter rumors circulated before, the news was later affirmed by Johan “N0tail” Sundstein on the OG Monkey Business podcast. Valve has yet to make a public statement about the rumor.

The information was revealed in an episode of the Monkey Business podcast featuring N0tail, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs, and OG CEO Juan M.R. Luna. Halfway through the October 4 episode, Luna revealed that he had heard a rumor about there being no True Sight documentary for The International 2022. Both former OG players had also heard such rumors and were extremely disappointed. 

”Man, this would break my heart, man. Actually. This would actually break my heart… Oh my god Valve, what are you doing to us?” Ceb asked.

“It would just be a sign that maybe things are changing,“ added N0tail.

If anyone would be informed in advance of Valve’s approach to The International, N0tail is a very worthy candidate. The two-time TI champion captain is the richest esports player in the world and maintains a very close connection with the new OG roster. Any rumors repeated by him ought to be taken seriously, which has led to an outcry in the Dota 2 community.

Fans react to canceled The International 2022 True Sight

With rumors of The International 2022 True Sight being canceled, fans have come out en masse in an attempt to change Valve’s mind.

True Sight is an award-winning documentary series detailing the grand final of esports’ richest tournament. The showcase allows fans to connect with Dota 2 pros in a new way and fit thematically with the crowdfunded TI prize pool. No more True Sight would be a massive loss for the community.

Needless to say, many Dota 2 fans, players, analysts, and journalists have criticized the rumored decision.


Perhaps the most extreme reaction of all was Ceb’s. Immediately after discussing the potential cancellation, he talked about his experiences playing League of Legends as part of a charity event. He stated that he still greatly preferred Dota 2 to LoL, but wishes that Valve would try as hard as Riot Games to support their competitive titles.


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