Will Professor Genki return in the new Saints Row?

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 26, 2022

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Professor Genki is one of the strangest characters in Saints Row, but does the more grounded tone of the 2022 Saints Row reboot spell an end for the maniacal mascot?

Saints Row The Third is where the series truly developed its own identity as a cartoony, over-the-top urban sandbox. Part of that transition is Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax, a parody of Japanese game shows hosted by the cat himself. The new Saints Row axes many of the more exaggerated parts of the originals, with more realistic character designs. Will that shift prevent Professor Genki from returning in the 2022 reboot?

Despite not actually getting a ton of screen time in 3 and 4, Professor Genki’s outlandish appearance and mischievous personality made him a series icon. He is first introduced as the host of Super Ethical Reality Climax in Saints Row The Third. That game mode is mostly remembered fondly, as it combined an obstacle course of deadly traps with deadly mascot opponents. 

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Despite his close connection with the series, Professor Genki has not appeared in any promotional material for the new Saints Row remake. This does not entirely rule out his appearance, as he could return with flair in the latter half of the game. However, the general tone shift and fresh start mentality of the new game makes Professor Genki less likely to appear. Genki is among the weirdest parts of the Saints Row series, and things weirder than him have already been confirmed as cut. While still possible, it’s best that fans don’t get their hopes up too high.

Will Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax appear in the new Saints Row?

Even if Professor Genki himself doesn’t appear in the new Saints Row, his iconic game mode Super Ethical Reality Climax definitely could appear in the 2022 Saints Row game.

The general idea of combining third-person shooting with an obstacle course is nothing new. It would be fairly straightforward to show a new character taking the role of Genki as the master of ceremonies. In fact, it appears that Deep Silver is already setting up a new Saints Row game mode to rival Super Ethical Reality Climax.

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Costume store Let’s Pretend now sports a horror theme seemingly inspired by children’s horror games. The new logo shows two mascots with sharp teeth and gaunt posture. It’s easy to imagine a mode where spooky mascots chase the player through an obstacle course, with fire and electricity traps blocking their path. While not a guarantee, it’s very possible that Super Ethical Reality Climax will live on in Saints Row, just with a change in tone.


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