Will League of Legends fans see LS coaching again in the future?

By Nicholas James


Feb 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

After the sudden departure of Nick “LS” DeCesare from his position as head coach of Cloud9’s LCS roster, many fans wonder if they’ll see LS coaching again.

After mere weeks of being stateside to coach the new roster, LS was released from Cloud9 during the third week of LCS play. Many fans were disappointed to see the prominent community figure depart so quickly, but is there any chance of LS coaching a professional team again?

LS says he’s done coaching

In a recent Twitch stream after returning to Korea, LS spoke on both his time at Cloud9 as well as his plans for the future.

In the clip, LS makes clear that it’s incredibly unlikely that he’ll ever coach another professional team in an official capacity again. LS has had plenty of conflict and stress when it comes to trying to coach professional times. Last year he was tapped to coach esports titan T1 but faced a sudden and vitriolic backlash from members of the Korean fan base, attacking LS for his sexual orientation and being an outsider in many of their eyes.

LS’ plans to coach T1’s LCK roster may not have panned out, but being chosen to coach the greatest organization in the history of the game certainly put many eyes on LS.

In the offseason heading into 2022, Cloud9 looked to pick up the streamer and coach for their LCS roster. Cloud9 already had two coaches that had been hired on LS’ recommendation, Max Waldo and Veigar V2. It seemed like a perfect fit for him but quickly fell apart due to internal disputes that neither LS nor Cloud9 has added specificity to.

LS says that while he’ll still coach players on a one-to-one basis, he has no plans to take an official position at the head of a pro roster again. He hopes his time at Cloud9 has meant fans will take his assessment of the game more seriously but doesn’t seem worried about trying to get back into a coaching position any time in the foreseeable future.


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