Will CS2 launch with a new operation? Here’s what we know

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

CS2 is just a couple of months away at max, and a new operation would be the perfect way to welcome fans to the new engine.

Despite a lull following the official announcement, Counter-Strike 2 hype is back in full swing. The map change to Mirage and new buy menu system is revolutionizing the beta, and players and pros alike are looking forward to the final release. However, casuals may have another treat to help ease them into the Source 2 engine. There’s a very good chance that CS2 will launch with a new operation. Here’s why we think so.

The biggest reason is timing. Before the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, Valve tended to release operations about once every eight months. This slowed to just over a year after the end of Operation Hydra, but content output was still relatively consistent until the reveal of Operation Riptide. The surfing-themed operation, which notably did not include surf,  remains the last operation for the game.

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Operation Riptide was first released in November of 2021, with this June marking 17 months since the last CSGO battle pass. Players have been due for a new operation, but Valve’s reveal of CS2 helps the timeline make sense. The company has been hard at work porting the game over, so the lack of other content makes sense in hindsight.

However, players are now long due for an operation, and Valve has plenty of incentive to start the official launch of CS2 off with a bang.

An operation for CS2 could break Steam player count records

In addition to the issue of timing, Valve stands a chance to make a ton of money from releasing Counter-Strike 2 and an operation at the same time.

Even before CS2 was revealed, the player count for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has surged over the past several months. The game continues to break player count records, with well over 1 million players online at any given moment. CS2 only fueled the flames higher, with many hoping to gain access to the limited beta test. CSGO is the most popular its ever been, and CS2 promises to skyrocket the player base even higher.

With so many players engaged with the game, Valve could make an insane amount of money by giving casual players an outlet to spend when they first log in to the game. The company has put major emphasis on how skins look in the new engine, and players will be eager to spend on the final release.

Considering both the amount of time since the last operation and Valve’s opportunity to make major bank, we strongly believe that CS2 will launch with a new operation.