Why the Worlds 2022 Pass is a bad deal for LoL players

By Nicholas James


Oct 20, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Worlds 2022 Pass has come under community criticism for offering League of Legends players little value at a high price.

The Worlds 2022 Pass is the premium battle pass for League of Legends players that runs during the course of the Worlds 2022 tournament. Some rewards are free, but the paid version unlocks more event-specific currency for the same progression, and it’s this premium version that has been subject to genuine criticism.

Is the Worlds 2022 Pass a good deal?

According to a Reddit post by u/IrrssinIsReal, this year’s battle pass is a worse deal than every battle pass all the way back to 2019. The user crunched the numbers on how long the event lasted and how much it gave players should they complete the full pass and rake in all the rewards.

The post puts the completion of the pass at approximately 70 games if you have a perfectly 50% win rate during that time. If you complete the pass, you’ll receive a total amount of 2120 event tokens.

The issue with this is that it is lower than the Worlds 2021, 2020, and 2019 passes, which gave 2325, 2350, and 2202 tokens respectively. This pattern hasn’t gone unnoticed, as fans complained that increasingly worsening event value felt like a consistent pattern for the past few years.

If you absolutely have to have some of the exclusive cosmetic offerings, it’s a fine purchase, but those looking for a good deal on in-game resources should probably have steered clear of the pass, but Riot was fast to respond.

Riot Addresses concerns with

Luckily, a Rioter commented in the same Reddit thread that the miscalculation had been an honest mistake and that more XP for the pass would be added to upcoming missions to ensure that the number of event tokens rewarded was in line with previous years.

The changes won’t go live just yet, but purchasers of the battle pass will be able catch up to the benchmark of previous years once patch 12.21 hits the servers with the brand-new Empyrean quests for the skin line, including a collaboration with music superstar Lil Nas X.


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