Why does Cypher keep dying in Valorant

Why does Cypher keep dying in Valorant cinematics?

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s one-man surveillance network Cypher is terrible with the weapons, according to the official cinematics. We may have an explanation why Cypher keeps dying in Valorant. 

The official Valorant cinematics that often add to the lore are fast-paced and captivating. While players are too busy focusing on the storyline and action, they sometimes miss small details like Cypher dying every single time. Most Valorant videos that include shooting have Cypher die first. Is he just bad in the battlefield? 

Since the game’s release in 2020, Riot Games has rolled out dozens of videos. We may have an explanation why Cypher keeps dying first. 

Cypher keeps dying first in Valorant cinematics: Meme or mystery?

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Cypher dying in all videos is likely just a meme among the developers. But, his basic Spy-style kit could be the reason behind him being the first blood. The agent doesn’t have anything flashy to add to the montages, which may be why he dies first. 

Cypher constantly slipping into the line of fire may have been a coincidence at first, but it clearly became a meme in later acts. In the recent Warm Up cinematic, Cypher surprisingly eliminates the invincible bot. But the robot actually never dies.

The last clip shows Killjoy’s creation shooting Cypher, confirming that he can never dodge a bullet in Valorant cinematics. The “Without a Trace” spray also has his body chalked on the floor, another nod at the underrated meme. 

But it may not just be a meme. Cypher’s primary duty is watching flank, which can often land him in risky spots. The agent is often left behind to watch the backlines, even in ranked plays. His role forces him in one-versus-one duels that can be tough to tackle. So, it makes sense why Riot continues to portray him as the weakest shooter. Gunning isn’t exactly his forte, as he essentially fuels duelists to do their job comfortably. 

Another apparent reason is his non-flashy kit. The Morrocan Spy isn’t built to impress and show off like Yoru and Neon. His simple kit is pretty straight-to-the-point that assists in keeping tabs on the enemy’s every move. But it sure is hilarious that he continues to be the first death in almost all Valorant cinematics. 

How many times has Cypher died in Valorant cinematics?

In Valorant weapon updates, agent showcase, and lore cinematics, Cypher has died around 30 times. This is definitely more than any other agent on the roster.