Why are the Pokemon Go Nearby Routes not showing?

By Melany Moncada


Jul 26, 2023

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The struggle never ends for Pokemon Go players. This time, players are reporting issues with the newest feature, Pokemon Go Nearby Routes.

Pokemon Go’s gameplay revolves around exploring the real world. Players must travel between Gyms and PokeStops in their area, participating in battles and wild encounters. The most recent feature helps players map out the best exploration route, at least in theory.

How do Pokemon Go Nearby Routes work?

The Route tab is contained in the Nearby menu. This is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Here, players can see all of the routes in their area and can choose to explore them.

A selected group has access to Route creation. These players pick a PokeStop or Gym as a starting point, start mapping the route and provide additional information. Once the route is reviewed and approved, it will be added to the game’s Route tab.

Pokemon Go Nearby Routes

Pokemon Go Routes not showing

 Players have reported that no new routes are showing in their area. The issues has persisted, causing players to miss out on Zygarde encounters. While a malfunction in the game is not out of the question, the most likely problem is that said routes don’t exist.

According to Niantic, access to Route creation is limited at the moment. This system works similarly to Gym and PokeStop creation. Players search for points of interest in their area, they submit an application that either gets approved or rejected by Niantic.

In the game, access is limited, and only a handful of players can create routes. However, creating one doesn’t mean that it will be approved. Niantic must be particularly careful with the routes they decide to approve since it means that players will follow them. If a dangerous route is approved and a player gets harmed on their way, Niantic will be exposed to lawsuits.

It is positive that Niantic is deciding to be careful but this feature. At the same time, it is frustrating for players when they receive a feature that is not ready for mass adoption.


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