Who will win Worlds 2021? The best finals Pick’ems

By Nicholas James


Oct 31, 2021

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Worlds 2021 is coming to a close on Saturday, November 6, as EDward Gaming faces down DAMWON KIA in the finals.

The tournament has given everything the yearly competition has been known for, with upsets and disappointments abound. Headed into the Worlds 2021 finals, this is players’ last chance to rack up points in the Worlds Pick’ems. It’s time to break down the matchup to get the last bit of points and pick out the best Fandex options.

In the first contest of the semifinals, T1 and DAMWON KIA went toe-to-toe in a clash of titans that could be one of the greatest LoL esports matches of all time. After a brutal five-game slugfest, it was DWG that triumphed with a masterful performance against T1 thanks to top-level play from Heo “ShowMaker” and Kim “Canyon” Geon-Bu, in particular.

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Following a flawless performance in Groups and continued success in playoffs, Damwon Gaming looks to be the favorite to take home the title. A victory here would be DWG KIA coach Kkoma’s fourth championship.

Across the bracket, EDward Gaming defeated Gen.G Esports in a nail-biting five-game series. After managing to drag its Korean competitors to a full-length match, EDG dominated in the final game of the series. EDward Gaming has proven exactly why it deserves to stand at the top of the LPL region, but we think Korea’s representative is the stronger option.

The pick to make is DAMWON Kia taking home the trophy for the second year in a row, and giving Khan a well-deserved championship. These two teams clashing will mean a showdown between two incredibly strong mid-jungle duos, with Lee “Scout” Ye-chan and Zhao “Jiejie” Li-Jie against ShowMaker and Canyon. Both teams rely on these players to dictate the pace and odds are that the LCK will have the edge. If EDG takes home the title, it will be its first championship.

Should DAMWON KIA win, it will cement itself in League of Legends history alongside Samsung and T1 as the only teams to win two championships. It would also mean becoming the second team after T1 to achieve consecutive Worlds wins. Worlds 2021 promises to be the gateway to a new age of League of Legends esports, and hopefully the final offers a five-game series that teams of this caliber are worthy of.

DAMWON KIA’s Fandex fortune

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DAMWON’s story on Fandex is a classic tale of taking a sure thing for granted. Since DWG KIA was so clearly a favorite to win the tournament, many didn’t see much movement in the early week to change its trajectory.

DWG KIA’s share price waved about between $9 and $10 through the beginning of the group stage. Just before the end of the first week, its share price plunged to two dollars. Before it sharply rebounded the next day, anybody who managed to pick up DAMWON KIA shares would see a significant profit. From that point onwards, its share price has been climbing steadily towards $20, rising to $17.81 at the time of writing.

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EDward Gaming is a similar story, seeing minimal movement early on in the first week before crashing to an incredibly low price. EDG didn’t rebound to the heights that DAMWON KIA managed to reach though, and its share price has stayed in the low teens through the tournament. EDward Gaming looks strong, but perhaps not quite as strong throughout as some predicted. There’s still plenty of opportunity for profit for those who managed to get in on $2 shares, proving that good timing is everything on Fandex.

The 2021 World Championship final takes place on November 6.


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