Who is Thebausffs, the LoL player who found a new way to use Sion

By Nicholas James


Jan 25, 2022

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Who is Thebausffs, the European streamer and League of Legends personality?

Simon “Thebausffs” Hofverberg is a Swedish League of Legends Challenger player, streamer, and personality. Thebausffs is best known for his full attack damage Sion play, and his liberal use of Sion’s passive. Here is everything you need to know about Thebausffs Twitch history.

Who is thebausffs?

Thebausffs made his way onto the scene as a high ELO player who would be signed to G2 as a content creator and substitute in 2019. It was during this time that Simon elevated his profile in the League of Legends scene thanks to his entertaining personality and unusual Sion play.

Sion is traditionally a tank, but the popular content creator saw him differently. Sion has some outrageous AD scalings, mostly meant to amplify any secondary itemization that includes attack damage in a normal tank build. However, when built for full offense, it can deliver some staggering damage. This is what Thebaus made his name playing, a high damage skew build for a traditional tank.

At the same time, he seemed more than happy to repeatedly make use of Sion’s zombie passive, dying on repeat to secure towers, objectives, and kills. Thebaus’ content creation career is what shot him into the eye of the League of Legends community.

Why do some players hate Thebausffs?

In 2021, Thebausffs joined the LEC broadcast briefly as a guest. This sparked some drama with professional support player Hampus “Promisq” Ambrahamsson, who tweeted out in protest of Thebaus’ appearance. This led to jokes on broadcast and Thebausffs making light of the issue.

Thebaus’ death-heavy Sion play had earned him some enemies over the years of playing in European Challenger, and it seemed that Promisq was the latest.

Overall Thebausffs has earned a positive reputation in the community as a goofy player who enjoys a particularly well-aged cheese picks and unusual Prowler’s Claw purchases.


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