Poppy Playtime Ollie

Who is Ollie in Poppy Playtime?

By Olivia Richman


Apr 5, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

Poppy Playtime fans are dying to know who Ollie really is and what he looks like. The main character appears a lot in Chapter 3: Deep Sleep but he communities using a telephone, leaving gamers curious who the heck they are really talking to.

Curious who Ollie is in Poppy Playtime? Here’s everything we know about the character and his true identity.

What does Ollie look like?

Right now, it’s not known what Ollie’s appearance truly is.

Throughout the game, you’ll only talk to Ollie through your phone. There are theories on what he looks like but you never get to see him at all so it’s just speculation right now.

Ollie personality and traits in Poppy Playtime

We can gather some of Ollie’s personality based on his interactions with The Player. From his communications on the other end of the phone, it appears that Ollie is upbeat and full of energy despite what’s going on.

Ollie cares for the experiments in some fashion since he always helps you and Poppy try to defeat The Prototype to save toys. He also knows a lot about Playcare, able to tell you where to go or how to deal with threats within its walls.

Theories on who Ollie is in Poppy Playtime

Ollie is full of mystery beyond his appearance. Players are often curious how Ollie knows so much about Playcare, has access to the cameras, and is able to track you so easily. This has led to many fan theories based on in-game happenings and hints.

One theory is that Ollie is an orphan that lived at Playcare. This would explain why he knows so much about the location. Maybe he was the sole survivor of The Hour of Joy when CatNap attempted to kill everyone within Playcare. One issue with this theory, however, is that it happened 10 years ago, and Ollie sounds a bit too young on the phone.

Another possibility is that Ollie is part of the Advanced Security System that you hear about on a VHS tape in Chapter 1. This would make sense because Ollie’s status is unknown — is he even a human? It would also explain why Ollie has so much access to security cameras and other seemingly hard-to-know information. Some players have even noted that Ollie’s words seem robotic at times like he was programmed to react in certain ways.

Is Ollie The Prototype?

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The most popular theory is that Ollie is The Prototype. This became a topic of discussion in Chapter 3 when it was revealed that 1006 could replay and rearrange voices he hears.

This would follow a similar plot structure to Five Nights at Freddy’s, which has some fans certain and others skeptical. Would Poppy really copy that formula so closely? Still, it makes sense since fans don’t believe a child could survive at the factory. It would make more sense if Ollie was posing as a child and faking his youthful voice to lure you in.

But if Ollie is truly The Prototype, it means he’s manipulating you to do what he wants and doesn’t actually want to help in the end, leaving players alert.