Smiling Critters

Poppy Playtime Smiling Critters names, lore

By Olivia Richman


Apr 2, 2024

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The Smiling Critters have arrived, bringing massive smiles (and scares) to Poppy Playtime. As more and more is learned about this toy line, Poppy Playtime fans are wondering who the Smiling Critters truly are.

Smiling Critters is a popular plush line featuring colorful animals with big smiles. The smiles are so big, in fact, that they have taken over most of their faces. They also have eerily dark pupils and a zipper on the front of their chests. Each Smiling Critter has a unique pendant that points to their personality.

Smiling Critters all have a different scent, too. The smell comes out when you pull their tails, helping the plushie owner feel relaxed or fall asleep.

The History of the Smiling Critters

The Smiling Critters were created by Playtime Co. They became a hit with kids and received their own TV show.

Over time, they were used as part of the Bigger Bodies Iniative, with a Smiling Critter known as CatNap being used for Home Sweet Home. Unfortunately, the filming went wrong and CatNap spilled out Red Smoke instead of its usual lavender scent. This resulted in children having violent nightmares.

Since CatNap’s Red Smoke had such a horrifying impact on whoever breathed it in, the plush was recalled from the lineup and removed from all promotional material.

On August 8th of 1995, CatNap and the other plushies participated in The Hour of Joy, ultimately killing everyone within Playcare and eating them. Only one child managed to escape and tell the tale.

What is Deep Sleep?

The Smiling Critters appeared as antagonists in Chapter 3: Deep Sleep. You can see the various plushies on posters, cardboard cutouts, and statues.

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All members of the Smiling Critters

The entire Smiling Critters toy line has been revealed. Here are all of the Smiling Critters:

  • Bobby BearHug: A bear with a rose scent, known to be kind and caring
  • Bubba Bubbaphant: An elephant with a peppermint scent, helping the critters make smart choices
  • CraftyCorn: A unicorn with a jasmine scent and an eye for creativity in all forms
  • Hoppy Hopscotch: An energetic member of the group that is always enthusiastic
  • Kickin Chicken: A cool member who can stay composed in any situation
  • Picky Piggy: A playful member who tries to encourage healthy eating
  • DogDay: The leader of the group, an orange dog known for his energy and positivity


  • CatNap: Known to have a calming presence and encourage rest


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